Travelling can be very exhilarating, but at times, it can also be scary. Nowadays, many people are fond of visiting Morocco. It is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world that’s why more people love to visit the place. However, before you travel, it is very important that you know some travel tips to make your trip more fun and exciting.

Here are some pointers you should consider:

– Dress appropriately

Generally, men can dress what they like however women need wearing a dress that is more conservatively. Even though you can see a lot of tourists wearing any types of dress they want, still choose to cover well your body to prevent unwanted attention. This is especially for women because even if you are traveling with a group of men, you might still get harass. So, wearing an appropriate dress is very important to consider before you travel going to Morocco.

– Currency & cost

This is another important thing you should consider before traveling to Morocco. Many established shops accept credit cards, however, most street vendors, smaller markets and cabs are not. So, make sure to ready the local money. The Moroccan DEE-rahm or Dirham goes for 9.6 DH per one USD/ ten per one Euro. Probably, you thought that things in Morocco are cheaper but, as many tourists are visiting the country, the costs are almost the same to Europe.

– Keep exact change to you

Most of the cab drivers in Morocco will not give you the change of your money. So, to prevent overpaying, make sure you ready our coins. It is very important that before you travel, you have prepared some extra coins so that, you will not encounter any problems about correct exchange while staying in the country.

– Learn to bargain/haggle

This is especially important if you are shopping or buying something in the market. You should learn how to haggle to avoid spending too much of your money. Although there are some people who have strong opinion of paying the full price, but it is still important to learn how to haggle. When you know how to bargain or haggle, most of the time, you get the item for 25 to 50 percent discount. You can also do this when you’re riding in a cab.

– Watch your pocket

Most people in Morocco are honest, nice and friendly but still, be careful enough when it comes to your pockets. Make sure that when you are walking or exploring the place, you better watch in putting out your pocket, most especially in major city or crowded areas like markets.

– Languages

Moroccans speak different languages – English, French, Arabic, Berber. You will be fine enough using English language, but probably, you will be needing a translator especially in the rural areas of Morocco.

– Pack some medicine

Before you travel to Morocco, make sure to pack some medicine. This is one of the most important things you should keep in mind because you will be needing this in case you feel something wrong with your stomach after eating your first meal of Morocco.

Overall, it is very wonderful to travel in Morocco, especially if you will consider all these travel advices before you go. When you travel in Morocco with right expectation and mindset, you will have an amazing experience!


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