When it comes to world-traveling – be it on business or vacation – there is the one constant must-thing everybody needs to do. They need to try the flavors of the area wherever they are going. And, if you’re traveling to a city in Morocco, you’re going to be in for a delicious treat that no other country has been able to master. Moroccan dishes are certainly worth giving a try with the amazing ingredient combinations and seasonings.

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Regardless of where you go in Morocco, you need to give the Moroccan dishes a whirl. After you do, you may find that a few of these dishes you would like to bring home with you. What are some popular Moroccan dishes you can find when you visit this country (and can attempt to replicate back in your homeland)?


One of the most popular Moroccan dishes is couscous, which is an amalgamation of meat, vegetables, and steamed couscous grains. Any kind of meat can be used in this dish – chicken, beef, lamb, etc. You can also include any kind of vegetable you would like to use – peppers, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.

Couscous is usually served on a large communal plate that everyone can partake from and enjoy!


One of the most beloved dishes in Morocco is Bastilla. While pigeon is most preferred over other types of meat, chicken is the runner-up. For instance, chicken bastille with ginger, saffron, cinnamon and pepper inside a crispy pastry and laid on an omelet adorned with fried almonds is certainly a treat. And, if you’re not into savory and sweet, there’s always something spicy you can try instead – the Moroccan seafood Bastilla.

Harira Soup

A really popular breakfast dish in Morocco is the Harira soup. While it sounds like it would be for dinner or with lunch, it’s actually a great dish for breakfast or snack. While usually consumed during Ramadan, it’s available any time of the year. Harira soup includes meat, chickpeas, lentils, tomato and spices such as pepper, ginger, and saffron.

A little tidbit people don’t know is that Harira is a tailorable soup, meaning there are all kinds of variations to it.

Lamb Tanjia

If you love lamb, you need to try the infamous Moroccan Tanjia. This is a slow-roasted lamb shoulder mixed with olive oil, aged butter, spiced and preserved lemon in a Moroccan clay pot for four hours. What comes out is a tender and delicious piece of meat that has absorbed all the spices it was mixed in and will melt in the mouth.


When you’re craving Moroccan foods, especially in the Marrakech area, you’re likely to be told you need to try the Tagine dish. The kicker about this meal is that it’s more about how it’s cooking than the actual dish itself.  It’s made by throwing the meat, vegetables, and spices in the clay pot and simmering it for hours over hot coals.  Similar to the Lamb Tanjia, the meat is very flavorful and tender.

These are just some of the many dishes you need, while visiting any city of Morocco such as Marrakech, to sink your teeth into. And, if you find something else worthwhile trying that’s not on the list, chances are you’re going to like what you taste.


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