Tiznit, a small town and easy to find in southern Moroccan region was founded in 1881 by Sultan Hassan I and has estimated population of 50, 000.

One theory passed that Tiznit was founded originally by Fatima Tiznitia who also discovered one spring on the place. Other theory also said that the name Tiznit was derived from Lalla Zninia. Moulay Hassan, a great reforming sultan, established the main town in 1882. There is a nearest beach along the town which is Sidi Moussa d’Aglou, Northwest of Tiznit. In winter seasons, the beach is deserted apart from surfers and organized people in vans. In summer, the beach became crowded because of the locals camping out. From Aglou, tourist can track 4 kilometer along the beach to explore fishing. Campsite is only available in summer days. The entrance costs cheap and the security assured.

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Tiznit, Morocco’s former silver capital isn’t a popular for tourist destination but it is one of the kinds of place worth visiting for. One of the opportunities in Tiznit is shopping for jewelries located in Marrakech and at roadside of coffee shops. In some places, crafted jewelries are the usual trend to sell for tourists such as souvenirs, key chains and other stuffs. The only thing that needs to remember when buying is checking the jewelries if it is well crafted, has polished stones and according to fashion trends.

Travelling for vacation in other places is great but not all of them can offer you the real happiness after the expedition. Some had troubles and become disappointed after seeing artists doing their works in tiny and not organized shops at Souk in Taroudant. But most of tourists love the hospitality of the community. The good traits of children talking to them and offer a meal together with them.

Quad Tiznit

Visiting Tiznit for a quad trip will be unforgettable for those who would like to visit the place. This is an exciting and thrilling moment to be done with friends and family for adventure. This is a kind of tour where everyone can enjoy because this is perfect for everyone. There is nothing to worry because tour guides are present to support and backed-up. It was a great tour if choosing Quad Tiznit is on the top list. While driving tourist could see how the landscape is amazing and how it is so diverse. After driving from mountains it is refreshing going down to a beach and a desert-like spot and lastly the rough rocky paths.

Foods and delicacies are available in stands along roads of Tiznit. It has also opportunities for explorers to do while looking for next trip such as biking, surfing, watching beautiful views from mountains and try the exciting quad driving on rocky roads.

Tiznit doesn’t have much in terms of beautiful tourist spots but the memories there will always be remembered because of extraordinary expedition and touring into a place lie Tiznit in Morocco. Good travel information may bring one adventurer into happiness and what he/she is expecting about the place. Excitement comes first before enjoyment.

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