Morocco has turned out to be one of the most visited countries on the planet. It has to be closely associated to the fact that this African nation is filled with myriad of fascinating destinations for both local and international tourists. There are many different places you can visit in Morocco where each of them offers unique attractions and special vacation experiences. If you wonder about the place in Morocco that has been attracting many artists from many countries on the planet, then you come and visit Tanger in person. This place is home to the center of art of the country and you shall find strong both historical sites and cultural sites. Not only that Tanger has attracted many diplomats and spies from American and European countries, this place has been visited by many writers and businessmen as well.

Reaching the Location of Tanger , Morocco

Nicely situated around 8 miles from the Gibraltar Strait, this place has turned out to be a popular site to many tourists who choose to enter Morocco from Europe. You can reach this city through a short ride on a ferry. The fact that Tangier is the meeting point of Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans has made it a perfect destination for those who like to have an incredible vacation on the beach. The beaches in Tanger are a nice spot for you to have a peaceful rest and it is also a perfect getaway from the hectic life of the cities. Moreover, you shall find a great surfing experience by playing with the killer waves.

This place is home to first class hotels and fine restaurants. You shall find no trouble in having a nice, comfortable stay and fine dishes to refill your energy. Tanger is also well known for its friendly people. Not only that they will make you feel at home, the local people will also treat you as is you are one of locals.

Beside the relaxing beaches, Tanger is also home to a number of international festivals which are held annually. Many tourists who purposely come to Tanger just enjoy the Tanjazz. This international Jazz festival has been very attractive to many tourists from many different countries on the planet. If you happen to be one of the huge fans of movies or film festival, make sure that you do not miss the Festival National du Film. This Moroccan film festival takes place once in a year. Simply put, this place knows exactly what to offer to every visitor so that they can have a great time in their life. Another popular festival in Tanger is the Le Festival International de Theatre Amateur. You can have a great time watching the amateur theatre plays.

It is no doubt that Morocco is the land of numerous destinations for tourists from many places in the world. You can either come as a solo traveler, couple visitors or ask your entire family to visit this place and you can still have a great holiday experience in Morocco.

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