Going on fun-filled holiday travels often comes with a lot of promise. Most often than not, these are best prepared for when you have all the necessary facts at hand. We, on Desert Morocco Adventure, endeavor to make your Moroccan tours a memory for a lifetime. Our aim is to make your journey simple, fun, and a true adventure!
If you are planning on taking a tour on the Moroccan soil or visiting any of its places of interest, be it the enjoyable trip from Marrakech to Merzouga, or the dry and exploratory journey to the desert from Agadir; it is important that you learn about the Moroccan currency.

The Moroccan currency is a unique one. The legal tender obtainable in Morocco is the Moroccan dirham and it is often abbreviated as DH in conversational and conventional usage. The Moroccan currency is, however, less than pounds in the exchange rate, and if you have 20 pounds ready for a trip, then it is equivalent to having about 240 or 247 Moroccan dirhams; that is 120DH is about 10 pounds. This means that 1 pound goes at a flat exchange rate of 12 or 13 Moroccan dirhams.

Exchange rate:

In order to prepare better regarding finances for trips, here’s a purview of the Moroccan currency with some world-leading currencies:

  • 1 pound (including British Sterling) = 12 to 13 Moroccan Dirham
  •  1 dollar = 9.43 Moroccan Dirham1 Euro = 11.18 Moroccan Dirham
  •  1 Riyal = 2.51 to 3 Moroccan Dirham
  • 1 Indian Rupee = 0.15 Moroccan Dirham
For more information, you may want to keep in mind that the Moroccan dirham is often displayed as MAD on exchange listings.
To convert this to your home currency, all you have to do is to calculate the currency value in an inflected form from the above.

What you should know about the Moroccan currency

You should keep in mind that there are no black markets for the local Moroccan currency, DH (Moroccan Dirham). You can neither sell nor buy the Moroccan dirham internationally because it is highly regulated and restricted by the Moroccan government and policies. As such, it is best that you get your currencies converted upon arrival at official channels located at seaports, airports, and ATMs. If you are having any challenges about this upon arrival, you can easily speak to uniformed security personnel (to ensure safety) about how to go about this, or better still, get in touch with your tour agency.

Are Euros acceptable?

You may have heard before that you could tender euro in Morocco. This is true if you noticed most of our services at the Desert Morocco Adventure site are listed in Euros. Although it is not the local legal Moroccan currency, the euro is often used within the Moroccan territory and many large business houses still accept payment modes in euro too. So if you are having a hard time converting your currency to Morrocan Dirham, Euro is a smart alternative.
If you have any more questions kindly contact us. We’ll be ready to answer them and get you all geared up for your next trip. Waiting to make your Moroccan vacation, a memory for a lifetime!

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