A Great Tourist Destination, Courtesy of the Nature

The development of the industry of tourism in the world never seems to show any sign slowing down. Many of us try hard to create great hotels and more exciting tourism theme park to attract more and more tourists from around the globe. Some countries even managed to create artificial islands just to boost their tourism development and revenues. However, the nature has provided us with an array of fascinating sites in every corner of the planet whereas many of them are still left undiscovered. Let us take the Wind Cathedral in Namib dessert, Namibia for example. This stunning tourist destination is completely made by the nature.

This is a wonderful construction made of sand, the entire area of the Wind Cathedral is courtesy of the nature. This stunning site is constructed by the nature after years of process. Thus, it would be very wise if we visit and enjoy the place responsibly. Make sure that you do not do anything that may put this natural wonder in danger so that our kids and grandchildren will still have the same chance to witness the natural cathedral.

How This Stunning Natural Wonder Discovered

Most of us must associate a cathedral with a building made of stones and bricks made by human kind. Surprisingly, the nature has also provided us a very unique construction of sand that resembles the look of a cathedral. Before 2005, not so many people who realized the existence of the Wind Cathedral in Namibia. It was Paul Godard and his controversial pictures that had boosted the popularity of this place worldwide. He managed to capture the amazing beauty of the Namibian dessert and its sand dunes in a way that everyone who sees the picture will disbelieve their eyes. Some of the viewers were stunned by the photograph while some other people take it for granted and see it as nothing more than a result of a photo editing application. In spite of all the controversies, the popularity of the Wind Cathedral is significantly increased as more and more people wish to witness the natural wonder with their own eyes.

Today, the Wind Cathedral has sat on top in the list of most visited tourist sites in Namibia. If you have grown your interest over this natural destination, you can simply visit the oldest desert in the world which is known as the Namib Desert. From this standing point, you can head south to reach the Namib Naukluft National Park.

If you wish to make your Wind Cathedral visit more enjoyable, do not forget to bring a camera with you. That tourist item will come in very handy to capture all the stunning views of the natural cathedral. Many tourists have seen this site as a paradise for photographers. Make sure that you have plenty of space in your storage device since you have so many fascinating sites to capture with your camera. It would be a lot wiser if you equip yourself with a sophisticated camera.