Taking the holidays means taking your time for relaxation. You might consider having a trip to Morocco. There are lots of place that you can visit there are lots of activities that you can do in order to enjoy your relaxation. Here are some most recommended places that you can visit. You can discuss them to your trip and tour agency about where you want to go.

As we all know, this is the most visited place in Morocco. There are some interesting places that you can go and it might interest you. Talking about place to stay, one of the most recommended places when you stay in morocco is to try staying in riad (it is a guesthouse of Moroccan). Once you settle down you can visit Bahia Palace, Bab Agnaou Gate, you might as well go to the night market and souks that are located in Jemaa el Fnaa.

From Marrakech if you like a more relaxing atmosphere, then you would to enjoy visiting Essaouira. This is a famous town located in the coast. If the weather is nice by the time you visit then you might like to enjoy the strolling and sunning. You might as well be able to do some windsurfing or kite-surfing. Besides, if you like some kinds of another adventure then you might like to enjoy the argan woods, bird-watching, and waterfalls.

Leaving Essaouira, next beautiful destination is Telouet ad Ait Ben Haddow. There you will enjoy the kind of amazing view of the interesting interior building. If you are enjoy the movies of the Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator, The Mummy and some others movies shoot here then you might enjoy your trip visiting this places must be an unforgettable experience.

Moving to the next other destination is the desert. Some people mostly spend three days there. There you will enjoy the journey with camel, burying yourself on sands to help you with the back pain or having the bird watching. While if you want to sleep at night you can join the other travelers while building a tent under the open sky.

Another interesting destination that you might consider to go when you are in Morocco is Fes. Some might say this is a duplicate of Marrakesh. People who come here mostly after spending time in the desert that means here in FES they will try for the relaxation. There are lots of bathhouses that you can easily find in this town. Some people even suggest having no guidance while you are in this city because it seems so beautiful to get lost in it.

Chefchaouen happens to be the next destination you would not want to miss while visiting Morocco. There you might find the blue alley that will give you some kinds of peace while seeing it. You can take some pictures that you can hang in the living room wall. It might give some peaceful to everyone who see it. Just a suggestion though.

You might not want to miss this place as well. It is known as Asilah. Here you might find a contradiction from Chefchaouen. Because here it is known as the white-washed village and it is located in the sea shore. People like to enjoy their time with this town maybe due to the kind of uniqueness of having white as the dominant color or the location in the sea shore is really amazing.

Those who have the trip to morocco always end their journey here at Casablanca before they finally have a tickets to go back home. Anyway before you want to fly home you might consider of visiting the famous mosque there.