Marrakech is a prefecture-level city in the region called Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz in Morocco. This city is one of the four largest cities in Morocco. This city is known as the city with many great places to visit. Many tourists have already visited the city and find themselves enjoying their trip in this city. The thing that you will enjoy the most is the walking tour around the places in the city. There are many small roads in many places in the city. If you want to explore the deepest part of the city, then it’ll be great if you can just walk to enjoy the trip. Since there are so many interesting places in Marrakech, it’s kind of impossible to talk about all those places in just one article. That’s why we’ll only talk about one place only. Are you curious about the place that we’ll talk about? Keep reading then!

The place that we’ll be talking about is called Djemaa el-Fana. The location of this place is in the main city of Marrakech. Many people are actually called Djemaa el-Fana is the main square of the city. But, it’s different from the square that usually found in the cities. This square is like an open square with many small shops and an open-air theatre. We’ll talk about the theatre first. The theatre in the Djemaa el-Fana has no building, so it’s open in an open place. The local people called it hoopla or halqa that means a street theater. Those street theaters have no open hours. There are also no announcements about the schedule of the dramas that will be played in the theaters. It’s a completely different experience from the regular theaters.

Now, let’s found out about other things that you’ll find in the Djemaa el-Fana. First of all, you need to know that the activities in this street usually start at 10 am. At that time, you’ll find many people start to do their jobs. You’ll find some snake charmers that dancing with their cobras in some spots in the street. You’ll also find many henna tattoo artists in this Marrakech‘s square. Since Morocco is a Muslim country, it’s forbidden to do a tattoo. But it’s okay to do that with henna since they’ll use the natural material as the tattoo. The tattoos are also not permanents, so it’s okay to get one and it’ll disappear by itself after a couple of days.

In the Djemaa el-Fana, you’ll also easily found people who are selling waters in unique fringed hats that clang brass cups together. After sometimes, some street musicians will show their performance and you can enjoy music while buying some local snacks in the street. That sounds kind of interesting in Marrakech, right? You’ll experience something new that you can only found in Djemaa el-Fana. You won’t regret visiting this place. For your information, Djemaa el-Fana has been declared as “Masterpiece of World Heritage” by UNESCO in 2001. That’s such a perfect title for this amazing ethnic place. So, don’t forget to visit Djemaa el-Fana if you happened to visit Marrakech.

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