Did you know that Boumalne Dades can be an ideal vacation spot for the whole family? You’ll find great eateries and lots of fun things to do. The combination of entertainment and fun for all audiences has made this place a sought-after region among travelers.

The Rich History of Boumalne Dades

When we talk about history, it’s tough to give real facts about the city as there’s insufficient textual history. Nevertheless, the majority of historians consider that this historical settlement passed in several stages from the forming of tribes to the inception of their unions. According to the oral histories passed down, Tribes in Boumalne Dades have various unknown origins. There are tribes of white people, black people, Ait Atta, and more. No one knows which tribe was the very first to settle down in the town; every tribe has its own version and attitude of events.

Things to See in Boumalne Dades

The Kasbah of Mohdach

During the time of the territory in Morocco, the French entered the town in 1930. They called some people to signify them in the region. Mohdach was one of them. It’s situated in Aughrud, a little tribe nestled far from the Center of Boumalne Dades. This is the site, which attracts travelers who are interested in the manner it’s developed as well as in its history – a symbol of colonization, authority, and the people’s suffering.

The Rose of Valley

The Rose of Valley is one of the sought-after destinations in Boumalne Dades. Throughout spring, the entire region is colored with the wonderful beauty of the pink flowers of the Dades Valley. The valley looks like a bottle containing the cleanest smells. Tourists all around the globe prefer visiting the place during this season that peaks in the month of April to May.

Jewish Tiylit Castel

Jews and Berbers are ancient people who lived in various places in southeast Morocco. Jewish people resided in the Tiylit Castle, which is situated in the Iourtguine land on the right part of Dades River. Further, according to some oral tales, the name of the tribe – Tiylit was made during the reign of the Middle Dades. After the latter had been spoken by his assistant, which a Jewish tribe came to settle in Dades, he responded with the expression “Til-yit” which means “let it be.” Since that, the tribe was acknowledged as Tiylit of the Jews. This latter was populated by around 55 families.

Moreover, we can’t discuss art without talking about the traditional music of Boumalne Dades – Ahidous. This is played often in local celebrations and weddings. It is a way of celebrating and a way through which most social purposes are accomplished, like a courtship between men and women.

It’s worth telling the availability of the traditional and modern structures in this region. Such high-quality places to stay, combined with dependable transportation services, facilitate the exploration of the attractive city as well as its surrounding areas.

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