Located a few miles from the coast of Spain, Morocco is known not only for its early Islamic architecture but also for its great tasting dishes and beautiful beaches. Hence, the tourism industry in this country is continuously growing, with millions of tourists spending days, weeks and even months in this country every year. Well, we cannot blame them for wanting to travel to this marvelous country, especially with the fact that the exteriors of the Moroccan buildings are artful, featuring mosaic tiles and Moroccan pottery, enough to amuse all of its visitors.

In traveling to another country, regardless of whether it is in Morocco or not, we need to be equipped with knowledge about the country, its history, tradition, etc. We need to know certain things about the place where we would be going to in order for us to have a fun and safe travel. Therefore, this guide has been created in order to allow you to make the most out of your travel.

In this Morocco travel guide, we have listed down the things that you can do in the country and the places that you should not miss, regardless of whether you are looking for a place that offers an adventure, mouth-watering local dishes, a fun encounter with nature and places that can provide you a glimpse of the rich history of Morocco. We have also listed down the 12 rated tourists’ attractions in Morocco that would even make your travel worthwhile. After all, Morocco is a country that has a lot to offer to tourists like you.

Of course, in order for you to ensure a comfortable journey, you need to make sure that you got everything that you need and so, we have created a checklist of the things that you must bring during your travel. On the other hand, just like other countries, Morocco has its own sets of laws and these laws apply to everyone who visits the country. To make sure that you would not be violating any of them, we also have a list of the foreign laws and the things that you should not do while you are there. With this complete travel guide in your hand, rest assured that you would have the best days of your life traveling in Morocco!

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