If you like to have a different African tour this holiday season, then you should visit Morocco. This unique African nation offers very distinctive African tours. If interacting with the African wildlife is not your style, a Moroccan tour will give you a great opportunity to enjoy a very historical, cultural and challenging vacation. This country is unlike many other countries in Africa. With a nice blend of the European, African and Arab cultures, every visitor shall be provided with historical, musical, artful and cultural tours. The geography of this country is also very interesting and diverse. Not only that you can enjoy the beauty of Moroccan beaches on the Atlantic coastline, you can also enjoy the Atlas Mountains. This has to be one of the wonders in Morocco that has been very popular to many international tourists. There is no other way to explore this great attraction than a family hiking.

Morocco is a complete destination for many tourists. Not only that you can enjoy this country on your own or with your loved one, you can also take your entire family here. If you like to have a great outdoor experience with your family this holiday season, a family hiking to the Atlas Mountains is the best option for you. You and your family shall be indulged with the dramatic and striking view of the High Atlas Mountains. This tourist hotspot would be the highest peak of the country that makes a perfect destination for many trekking and outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

If you wish for a very challenging Moroccan tour, you are most welcome to visit the highest peak in the northern African area known as the Mount Toubkal. With 4,167 meters of height, the Mount Toubkal is also known as the second highest peak in the continent after the Kilimanjaro Mountains. You might find the trek to reach this peak is very challenging. However, the great scenery during the trekking and the view of from the top as you reach the location is surely worthy. You can see the beauty of Marrakesh and the Sahara desert from this point. In addition, you can also treat your eyes with the incredible view of the northern of the High Atlas.

From the highest peak of Morocco, you can also witness the beauty of the Todra Gorge. It is located closely to the Tinerher village and is known as the most dramatic sights you can see in the High Atlas. Should you decide to take on a tour to the Todra Gorge, you can enjoy the great view of the towering limestone cliffs, fig trees and lush date. The icy-blue river in this area has become a nice backdrop to the fascinating hiking experience.

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco has turned out to be a great destination to many tourists for its amazing peaks, Berber villages, deserted trails and verdant valleys. You can enjoy the most of this natural destination through rock climbing, mountaineering or hiking. You can also choose to get on a 4 x 4 safari ride or horseback ride to make your exploration more enjoyable.