Are you interested of seeing the beautiful palm groves in Morocco? One of the best destinations to visit in Southern Morocco is Erfoud. It’s situated in the middle of the desert where lies the High Atlas along with the tall palm groves that will guide you along the road. If you’re thinking about going to Southern Morocco, you should find time to visit Erfoud to see its beauty and charm for yourself.

General Information of Erfoud

Also known as the “Gate of Sahara Desert”, Erfoud is considered a charming town in Morocco that any traveler will surely love to visit more often. Going to the places isn’t as difficult as you think in fact, you can take off-road paths directly to the dunes. You might be surprised but this place has actually filmed some of the most popular movies of all time such as The Mummy and the Prince of Persia. Because of its great structure, many become interested of travelling to the place to explore and discover what it has to offer.

In Erfoud, you can buy lots of time in exploring local tourist destinations. This small city is the home of a several businesses, establishments, restaurants, supermarkets etc. that offer great entertainment, fun, excitement and thrill.

Getting in the City

You should be familiar of the ways on how to gain entrance to Erfoud. The moment you stepped in Southern Morocco, you should go directly to the port. There, you’ll gain access to Saharan dunes (Erg Chebbi). You need to drive approximately 13km of asphalt road then an additional of 26km of desert tracks. Don’t be discouraged of this. If you’re a true thrill seeker, this won’t be a big deal to you.

Going to the town proper, you will have to pass Merzouga and Rissani  or directly pass the river in Erfoud. If you plan to travel into the city by car, there are two options for national roads of Erfoud. One is the R702 that connects Erfoud to nearby cities like Jorf, Tinghir, Tinejdad and most especially Ouarzazate. Once you take R702, this will get you to off-road tracks in the desert until you reach Erg Chebbi Dunes.

The other road is the N13 connecting Errachidia and Erfoud itself. If you go farther, you’ll pass Rissani, Merzouga until you reach the south part of Erfoud.

Travelling to Erfoud by Bus

If you choose to travel to Erfoud by bus, you will go a different route starting from the west section of the city. Either you will have to take a route via Ouarzazate, Marrakech or Tinghir. You can choose a ticket office booth from 3 of the most popular ticketing offices in Erfoud. Actually, you have 3 options – the Supratous Ticket Office, BUS Ticket Office and lastly the CTM Ticket Office.

Once you arrived to Erfoud, you can tour around the city on foot or through a car rental. You’ll find lots of reasons to travel to Erfoud because it has a lot to offer to travelers like you.