Morocco is not just a country with unique adventure and experience, it is also the home of the best cuisine and full of flavor that they originally made. The best adventure is not complete without having the chance to have a taste of their best foods. The foods will make your mouth watery and want a taste of every food you will be served. Native cuisine of the country is also the best part of having a vacation. The alien essence of the foods can be scary to try but the really exciting thing is the trill it will create once you have open the opportunity for a new thing.

There are so many delicious dishes to try in Morocco. Below is the list of the best delicacy that you want to take a bit while you are in the country.

List of the best Delicacies You Must Try in Morocco


A food that is slowly cooked in the clay pot that carefully placed every meal inside such as the beef, lamb, chicken and the seasoning that create a flavorful aroma in the process. Tagine can be seen in the restaurants and the cafes that can be spotted everywhere.

Kefta tagine is another form of tagine serves in the country. It is rich with beef or lamb that is sautéed with the best spices that are rolled into balls and cooked with the combination of tomato and the best onion sauce. It is perfect for those who are craving for foods with many garlic.

Couscous (‘Seksu’)

An original delicacy that is made by the native and is commonly served on the special day of the Muslim. It is the commonly served with fresh meat and stew of flavorful vegetables. It can be specially ordered in some restaurants.

Fish Chermoula

Morocco is near the coast of the long Atlantic and the Mediterranean that makes the country rich in a different fish dish. For the fish lover, try the Fish Chermoula that is commonly served with a mixture of herbs and flavors that are commonly used in the grilling and the baking of fish and seafood. The food is commonly served in the different restaurants in the place and can be ordered at the same time.


A fast food in sunset usually served in the special occasions of Ramadan. It is the day to have a Harira soup. The food is composed of fresh tomatoes, lentils, lamb, and chickpeas is been complete with a squeeze of lemon juice and some of the healthiest coriander. To make serving the dish complete it has to accompany by Chebakkiya, a sticky sweetened pretzel.


Morocco also has the so-called street food. Maakouda is one of the most popular street food in Morocco and the best place to try it is Djemaa el-Fna square. A potato that is formed in balls and a little deep-fried. It is best to serve with a spicy harissa sauce. The crisp of the potato makes it a mark of the place and serves as the mark of the Djemma el-Fna square. Perfect for the night fun adventure seeker who is looking for the best food that can be carried while they’re walking.


Looking for a new pie flavor and style. The B’stilla pie is a native cuisine by the Fassi. It is a layer of thin pastry. With the blend of pigeon meat, chosen almonds and egg with the species of saffron, cinnamon and the most freshly picked coriander. The food will make your mouth watery with the perfect drinks as a compliment. The food can be seen in the different restaurant in the country and in the most café in the street.

Mint Tea

From the solid food to the soft food, the country also has a mark for the drinks that are the best compliment to the food they serve.  The mint tea that is known as the ‘Moroccan whiskey’, the most preferred drinks in the country. It is usually with heavy ingredients of the sweetest sugar. They include the famous gunpowder tea and a few sprigs of spearmint. The drink is served in a tea glass flowing in the top to make a crown like froth. Everyone has their way to prepare the mint tea, the Moroccan mint is provided with a lot of mint leaves. Mint tea is being served in the great café and restaurants.


A bread that is been served with a lot of grounded meat inside. It is traditionally baked in communal wood-fired ovens, meaning it is cooked traditionally without the use of new innovation. They believe that bread is much tastier cooked in the old ways. There are the number of bread in the country that should try like the Harcha cook with the butter and the Rghaif that is been cooked in a flaky flat flakes style.

Spicy sardines

As the world’s largest exporter of sardines, Morocco cannot have the deficiency in the food type. Try the spicy sardines, naturally, they are stuffed and cooked with a spicy Chermoula sauce. The food is deep fry as a tasty snack. Commonly the sardines is coated with so many tomato and lots of chili vegetables.

Eggplant fritters

There are two things used to make fritters, an aubergine of the eggplant is the common dish in the country. Try to dip the eggplant in a paprika batter before they fired it and be served. It is the best combination and will be loved by those who have the favor of deep fried foods.

Snail Soup

Snails inhabit most of the land in the country. You can find lots of snails in the area. The locals believe that it helps in the digestion and fever. Snail soups are served in the local restaurants and serving special in other food house. They use a toothpick to get the snails out of the shell and eat it with the soup provided.

Stuffed Camel Spleen

Morocco also provides a taste of camel on dishes to your plate. Locals make camel as a sausage with the very special ingredients like a bit of hump fat. The meat proves to be soft and creamy as can be.

There are so many foods to choose and have a bit in Morocco. It is not just enough for a day, and even you are full there nothing that will stop your will to try the other foods.

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