Morocco is always a great country to visit; the country is rich with culture and traditions. It is essential to have a good plan when staying in the country. We offer you the best experience for seven days’ stay in Morocco which includes cooking class, desert adventure and explore the amazing cities in the country. Here are brief portraits of the seven days holiday plan in Morocco.

Day 1
You can enter Marrakech by plane, bus, or train. Once you arrived in the city; use the first day to check-in and get closer to the neighborhood. The hotels and riads usually are located in the center or souks. Browse and get closer to the surrounding, but do not buy anything. After you are familiar with the souks and neighborhood, you can have the first dinner in the country with the delicacy of Moroccan cuisine.

Day 2
For a different holiday experience, you can join a cooking class to introduce the local taste as well as learn to cook it by yourself. Generally, the cooking class starts with a tour of the souks and buys fresh vegetables, meats, and other ingredients from the local market. Plenty of hotels and riads offer the cooking class.

Day 3-4
When visiting Morocco, desert adventure certainly cannot be missed. The shortest trip to the Sahara desert is three days or at least you need two nights to fully enjoy the desert. The adventure will take about 10 hours. There is plenty of desert tour from the main city Marrakech and Fes with different tours plan of your choice. If you want to experience the fullest adventure, ask the guide to skip some stops. The first night will be spent with luxury camping and on the second day, you can enjoy having lunch with a local Berber family before enjoying the camel ride in the desert.

Day 7
Do not forget to visit the Ozoud waterfall as well as the Three Valleys tour. This will certainly give you a different perspective of the country from city life and desert tour.

Still, have a day or more?
If you have some more days, one of two, you can visit the beachside city, Essaouira. This city is a perfect way to end the adventure in Morocco. Essaouira is a fishing port where you can find fresh fish is brought directly from the sea and sold on the docks. There are also plenty of activities you can do such as kite sail, swim, horse ride, and many more. If you want to have something calmer; plenty of various artist centers and art galleries can be a good option for you. Do not forget to taste the fresh seafood in the local café. You can stay for a night in Essaouira riad or get bet to Marrakech if you do not have much time.

What you need to know about Morocco
Currency – The Moroccan currency which is used is Moroccan Dirham. The currency is steady and good overall; it is rare to have fluctuations and surprises. If you use the ATM, you will get the money in dirham and will be charged for a foreign transaction rate from your bank account for both credit cards and cash out. Before you leave to Morocco, make sure to tell you bank beforehand that you are leaving overseas to avoid decline transaction. Some larger shops and places may take credit cards; however, souks and smaller shops generally accept cash.

Local traditions – since the majority of Moroccan people are Islam; you should watch out for your left hands to shake hands or giving something out since it is considered impolite. Also, it is wise not to show too much skin for clothing.

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