The fabulous city of Marrakech is the fourth-largest city in Morocco, and while it is famous for its attractions and culture, it is also famous for its shopping. In fact, the many shopping destinations in the city can easily overwhelm a person if they are not sure of where they should go or where they should make their purchases.

Visitors can walk up and down the streets as they peer in windows filled with glamorous clothing, silky nightclothes, and intricately created jewelry. Busy streets, small alleys, and out-of-the-way streets all contain these shops, and people will want to experience it all when they are in this bustling shopping mecca of a city.

The souks are a great place to shop in Marrakech, but everyone will want to be prepared to haggle over the listed prices. No seller at a Marrakech souk ever believes that they will receive the price that they are asking for each of their items, and visitors should plan to offer the lowest price possible, usually sixty percent less than the original price, in the beginning. No seller will ever accept a price that is not in their best interest, so no one should ever worry that their accepted price is too low. Another rule that everyone will want to be aware of is that they should never ask for the price of an item that they have no desire to purchase.

Visitors may be confused about which souk they should visit during their stay in Marrakesh, but the truth is that they are all great. Each souk is laid out in the same way, with the more valuable items in the center of the space and everything else scattered in the surrounding areas.

The main souk in Marrakech is Souk Semmarine, and it is filled with pottery, patisserie, fabrics, and textiles. Intermingled amongst it all are carpets, jewelry, and many antiques. To the right of this souk is Spice Square, which is obviously filled with any type of spice a person could imagine. Souk el Attarine is to the left, and this is where people will find perfumes, some spices, lamps, candlesticks, teapots, lanterns, and mirrors.

The best shoes can be found at Souk Smata, while bags and belts can be found at both Souk el Kebir and Souk Cherratine. Artisans selling their craft can be found within Souks Chouari and Haddadine to the north, and Souks Sebbaghine and des Teinturiers to the south.

As soon as a person has explored the souks that they want to visit, they will want to venture further into the world of shopping in Marrakech by entering some of the boutique-type shops along the many streets. Each boutique is unique, so no traveler will want to stop with just one or two.

Max and Jan is a fabulous place to start as they sell toned-down caftans for those people who do not want the normal flamboyant prints that are commonly seen throughout the streets of Marrakech. Everyone will fill their bags with clothing, accessories, and even jewelry from this fantastic store, and the best thing is that it is all made within the country.

One of the most unique boutiques in Marrakech can be found within the phenomenal hotel called El Fenn. People will find themselves shopping at the boutique, which happens to be in the middle of the on-site restaurant and bar. In fact, this is the best place for everyone to go when they are hungry and in the mood for shopping. Before or after a delicious meal, diners can shop for items that include vintage clothing, pottery, coffee table books, blankets, and more.

No one normally thinks of doing any major shopping at a museum’s gift shop, but everyone will want to shop till they drop at the one at the Majorelle Garden. This garden is infamous and, with its location in the middle of Marrakech, it is quite easy to find. Guests can stroll along the walkways amongst the trees and plants and stop near the waterways before entering the gift shop to make their purchases.

People can find elegant and special soaps all around the world, but few places sell those, plus the traditional black soaps that are used during hammam spa rituals. L’Art du Bain sells both in their small shop in Marrakech. No one needs to worry about running out of these soaps once they return home either, because anyone can place an order online and have everything delivered to their home.

No one can shop like they can in Marrakech anywhere else in the world, but once a person experiences shopping in Marrakech, they will not want to shop in any other part of the world. Instead, they will want to continue to travel to Marrakech to go on shopping adventures that will fulfill all their wants and needs.


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