Morocco, the gateway to Africa, a slower time with aromatic mint tea in cool courtyards, the hustle and bustle of the medinas that create a calming atmosphere, an unmatched and preserved adventure you can only find in Morocco.

Morocco is an intense and raw experience. It blends its historical elements with 21st-century technology and mannerisms in an unboastful way. Morocco’s best can be found in it’s most famous cities: Tangier, Fez, Rabat, and Marrakesh. These are the most beautiful cities in Morocco.

Each city, especially Marrakesh, offer their world famous medinas or bazaars. The medinas are built like a maze, and wandering through the hustle and bustle, getting lost in the crowd, the vendors peddling you spices, crafts and Tangiers is like a dream itself. The symphony of the hum of the crowd is like a lullaby in itself. You’ll be able to find your way too as there’s sort of a flow to the crowd, they’ll guide you where you need to go.

If you’ve ever thought of Morocco, you’ve always associated it with sand, the color red and of course, the Sahara Desert. You can visit the Sahara desert on camelback as no cars or jeeps take you as far as you’ll need to go to spend the night under the millions of stars that come out at night.

But you’ve probably never thought of forests, trees, mountains or even the color green with Morocco but the Atlas Mountains are a testament to Morocco’s diversity. The Atlas Mountains feature low hanging clouds, cold weather and a hike trail that covers almost all of Morocco like you’ve never imagined it. At the top of the mountains, a small village is waiting to serve you some mint tea and a Tajine dinner and maybe some Berber omelet as well.

A good contender for the most beautiful city in Morocco is Chefcaounen, a city located in the Rif Mountains. The city mimics the sky in its deep blue color scheme. You’re so accustomed to seeing grey and beige building that seeing an entire city washed with a sky blue hue is mesmerizing. The city also features some royal public baths, ordained with mosaics and beautiful tile works. A public bath may be available privately to you as well, if you’re guided in the right way.

Another contender for the most beautiful city in Morocco is Essaouira, a coastal city. The beaches of Essaouira are a popular tourist spot amongst travelers. The deep blue fisher boats parked at the coast contrast the beige nature of the city and the color of the sand and beaches.  Explore the diverse lands, the highs, the lows the spice-laden medinas that your nose will grow all too familiar with, the cold climates of the Atlas Mountains, the deep-grained and endless dunes of sand in the Sahara Desert all feature the most beautiful features of Morocco. The most beautiful cities in Morocco



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