Finding a perfect destination for your summer vacation should be very easy. However, you might find it very hard when you plan to have a winter vacation. When many areas of the planet are well covered by thick snow and cold temperatures, finding a nice location to spend your winter holiday could be quite challenging. Morocco is a well-known destination in the world that offers complete holiday tours both in the summer and winter seasons. Agadir has turned out to be a very famous Moroccan city, especially for those looking for a perfect getaway during their winter holiday.

The city of Agadir is quite different from many other traditional cities in Morocco. In addition to the beautiful sandy beaches along the Atlantic Coastline, Agadir is also home to many bars with European styles. Staying in a villa in Agadir is a perfect option for those tourists who seek the perfect backdrop for vacation. Your comfortable stay in the Agadir villa shall be complemented by the great scenery of the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlas Mountains.

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Day Trip Options from Agadir

Staying in a villa in Agadir has been very preferable to many visiting tourists. It gives them easy access to a number of interesting tourist attractions in the area. It is very easy for you to reach a number of museums in this city. Should you wish to experience a historical and cultural tour in Agadir, you can simply head to the ancient fortress of this Moroccan city. If you happen to visit the city of Agadir with your entire family, then a visit to the city zoo should be a very interesting choice. The zoo itself is known as the Vallee des Oiseaux and you can find plenty of bird species and many exotic mammals and other animals in this place. Some of them originated from the Atlas Mountains.

You should never leave your Agadir villa without exploring its Medina. A day trip to the Medina of this city offers you a great chance to experience the history and the culture of Morocco. Once you are done visiting the cultural and historical sites in the city’s Medina, make sure that you make a stop at the souks. Finding the souks should be very easy as they can be found along the Medina’s streets. These souks are the best place for you to grab some unique souvenirs for your family. There are plenty of high-quality fabrics, handicrafts, and local delicacies at the souks. Make sure that your wallet is full before visiting the Agadir souks.

If you like to end your visit with a more enjoyable moment, you can always stop at the main square of the city. Here, you shall be provided with unique cultural shows and performances by street performers. However, finding a great spot to enjoy sightseeing and relax might be quite difficult as the square is more likely to be very crowded, especially during the holiday season.

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