Rabat, being Morocco’s capital, is a place known for most amazing tourist attractions. Located at Bou Regreg River’s mouth, on the Atlantic Ocean is where the preposterous community of Rabat lies. Rabat is considered to be the country’s second most important city due primarily to tourism and the foreign embassies presence.

The Rabat tourist attractions that comes in wide varieties wide avenues, Kasbahs, minarets and the green spaces make it a fascinating place for a tourist to go to. Some of the most important Rabat tourist attractions include the Royal Palace and the Mausoleum of Mohamed V. Apart from these, a number of historical attractions that makes it all the more interesting. Here are the top rate Rabat tourist attractions you will find fun and exciting to go to:

Oudaias Kasbah

The Oudaias Kasbah is one of Rabat’s tourist attractions that almost always top the list of the best places to go. It features an 11-century fortress wherein inside is where you can find a peaceful, small district of twisted white and blue lanes. Inside, you can also find the Kasbah Mosque constructed in 1150, the eldest mosque in Rabat. In terms of views, the Salé and the Atlantic Ocean can be seen quite well from the district.

Mausoleum of King Mohamed V

The mausoleum of King Mohammed V can be found at the place he grouped thousands of Moroccans after his exile in Madagascar. The mausoleum is famous for showcasing the traditional style of Morocco along with the grand marble walls and tombs which are enclosed in zellige tiles. Unfortunately, only Muslims are permitted to visit the adjacent mosque.

Bab Oudia

This is known as one of the most beautiful of Rabat tourist attractions. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best and most beautiful of all Moorish monuments. It is the primary gateway to go to the Kasbah, which was built by Yacoub al Mansour, the Almohad Sultan back in 1195. What strikes tourists about the Bab Oudia is its harmony and simplicity, plus the decorations that are nothing but beautiful.

Palace Museum

The Palace Museum is an Almohad Palace, a 17-century palace which now house the Moroccan Art & Culture Museum, It was built in 17-century by Moulay Ismail, the very first Almohad sultan who has successfully solidified the country. Currently, the Palace Museum showcases interesting Moroccan art and culture exhibits such as musical instrument exhibitions and more.

Andalusian Gardens

The Andalusian Gardens is a French constructed garden that can be found in the old Palace grounds of the Kasbah Oudia. The garden is famous for being true to Andalusian tradition where it features flowering annuals along with beds of shrubs in it. These all make the Andalusian garden a striking tourist spot and a place perfect for making a lovely afternoon. The Andalusian Gardens is simply a delightful retreat where you can spend a little time after strolling in Rabat.

These are but only a few of the many Rabat tourist attractions you can visit. With all the things that Rabat has to offer, there are certainly plenty of you to visit and do. Rabat takes pride in being one of Morocco’s cities flourishing in tourism and that is something you can expect that they do the best for you and the local’s happiness.

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