If you are someone who is an adrenaline junkie or a traveller for leisure, you can surely have a magnificent excursion in the Dades Gorge, Boumalne Dades. This place offers the range of spectacular canyons in the beautiful Morocco. The place is idea for hiking, rock climbing and rafting. Experience an incredible freshness haven just at the valley’s heart and be amazed by a surprising landscapes with the most welcoming and warm people. When the valley brims in flourishing nature, the Dades Gorges will be discovered. Then, you can begin escaping in the gardens of walnut, poplar, apricot, peach, palm and almond trees.

If you really intend to make the most of the splendorous valley, take that route on the gorges which leads to Ait Moutad. As you go through the Dades, you will surely admire the scenes of beautiful orchards, before you finally reach the foothill of the mountainous Atlas. As you take a short stop in Tamlalt, you will discover the rocky outcrops that are quite unusual which is also known as ‘monkey fingers’. This geologic unbelievable creation is at its most enchanting as the sun sets.

As you trail the other side, exploring the ruins of the ancient Kasbah will give you some sense of melancholy and mystery. This will start the 3 hour and half of trekking which can bring you to Dades until Ait Oudinar is reached. Be cautious especially if you a driving a four wheel car. Each of the turns gives you a panorama of the valley.

As you follow the Dades Gorge route, you will be penetrating a very narrow canyon which is known as the ‘defile d’lmdizen’. This is a place suitable for relaxation, fishing or picnic on the water edge. As you continue the said road, it will lead to M’Semrir which is the beginning point of tours in the Todra Valley going to Atlas. This is a very charming village for the berbers.

Next stop should be the gorges of Sidi Boubkar. This offers a very easy hike leading to the wildest lands in the region. After walking for almost an hour or more, you will experience an incredible place of utter relaxation and peace. Live this moment in the natural pools of the place.

Finally, you must not miss the Dades canyons which is a very long trek ideal for those who are strong walkers. The excursions may require that you get the services of a local tour guide.  Good equipment and a well-planned provisions are necessary for this kind of tour in the Dades Gorges. The beginning point is on the gorge route at kilometre 25.

The Dades gorge is situated about 110 km of Ouarzazate, which is southwest of Tinghir. It can be reached through the use of public transport. But, for those who want to see the most of the beautiful view can rent a four wheel car for more independence and freedom on your travel. The place is undeniably a must visit for all kinds of travellers.