Take a break from your daily routine and travel somewhere you haven’t been before. Have fun and create memories in one of the most visited countries in Morocco – Errachidia.

What’s Best About Errachidia

Errachidia gives you the chance to enjoy the night with its sparkling lights and towers. Bars are all over this country so you won’t have any trouble in finding a bar of your taste. Stores are everywhere – you can even go shopping in the middle of the night. If you want to go swimming and relax in the water, there are public swimming pools that you can dive in and get refreshed. For those who are into clubbing, game clubs are abundant in Errachidia so you can expect swarming people in those clubs when the sun is down. Although Errachidia does not offer entrance to the popular Erg Chebbi, you still have lots of places to explore and things to do.

Getting to Errachidia


Going to main town of Errachidia has never been a problem for tourists and travelers. In fact, you can choose from different options on how you can get there. By any means of transportation, you can surely gain access to the main city. You can opt to travel by camel, bus, taxi, a private four-wheel vehicle, airplane or even a motorcycle. Definitely, you won’t have any reason of not going there if you’re thinking about transportation because apparently, the choices are many.


Tour Around Errachidia

Want to explore the entire Errachidia? You can do it alone or with your company. Whoever you are with, you will surely like travelling around the country particularly on the main city. Go around by camel, jeep or by taxi. It’s your choice. You can opt for any means of getting around this cool country. You can try the Land Rover Rentals which is one of the leading choices means of transportation in Errachidia. A land rover can accommodate 2 to 4 people hence, traveling with a group of friends can save you lots of money. Another exciting thing about Land Rover rentals is that they can help you organize your own camp and find shelter in the comfort of the big city.

Tourists Destinations in Errachidia

Surely, there are lots of places to go in this country that will surprise you totally. The oasis, scorching desert, the town itself and all the beautiful sights will make your jaw drop in amazement. Errachidia is not your ordinary vacation place because it’s something that will leave you hanging after seeing the entire place.

Here are some of the best destinations to go in Errachidia.

– Errachidia Town Centre

You’ll find the town centre just like the real Moroccan town. You would not see any influence of foreign culture in the place.

– Ouad Ziz Oasis

You need to see this sight once you go to Errachidia because you will miss this wonderful oasis.

– Jurassic Rocks

Remember Jurassic Park the movie? You’ll see some folds of Jurassic Rocks in Errachidia that will make you want to watch the movie again.

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