Looking for wonderful places to travel to on your next trip? If you still do not have any idea where to go, do not worry because in this article I will introduce you to a country in North Africa. Morocco is one of the most outstanding travel destinations you can ever have. It is also one of the great examples of a peaceful country. Through the history, this country has hosted many people coming from the East (Phoenicians, Jews, and Arabs), and the South (sub-Saharan), and from the north (Romans, Vandals, Moors, and Jews). Even though the world has a lot of fascinating or wonderful places to visit, Morocco should be on top of your travel list.

From trekking in the Rif Mountains, High Atlas Mountains, Anti-Atlas Mountains, and Middle Atlas Mountains, beaches along Casablanca or Agadir, Riads, the Desert, the food, shopping in Tangier or Fez, festivals, to steam baths, Morocco is a home of different adventures, activities, and attractions. Exploring the place can ensure the most enjoying and fulfilling travel experience you will yearn for. Making it as your number one destination to visit is a great decision you will always keep in mind over the years.

So, have you finally decided to go to Morocco? Then, make a further research on its geography to be properly guided from the start to the finish. But there is no need to do that as the following information will give you a brief peek at the country. Since you have a lot of things to deal with when going to the place, the geography of Morocco is presented to guarantee an optimal comfort and maximum convenience.

Most commonly known as a North African country, Morocco can be seen from the amazing Spanish mainland. It is across the Gibraltar Straits, which is a stretch of water that measures 9 miles. To the far north, there are beaches on both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines.

When looking for a stunning coastline, Morocco is the place you cannot afford to miss. As a matter of fact, it has 1,835 km of awesome coastline that has a lot of things to offer. A large part of the land is indeed mountainous. It has the Atlas Mountains you can see in the center or the south of the country and Rif Mountains, which is situated in the North.

Whether you love mountain climbing or trekking, Morocco is a perfect choice for you. Just invite one of your friends, family relatives, or colleagues to really have fun and 100% satisfaction.

Having the Saharan desert, you have the opportunity to experience some of the most dramatic or diverse landscapes. This is why skiing in one of its spectacular mountains, camel trekking, and visiting ancient cities are all possible. Although you have tried a wide variety of adventures or activities in different parts of the world, Morocco is unique in itself.

Whether you are having a hard time where to travel or are eager to have a hassle-free journey, there is no need to look further than Morocco. It is one of the most captivating destinations every traveler should explore.

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