In Morocco, there are many incredible places to visit. To keep this post short and clear, Desert Morocco Adventure includes on this list a few of the most attractive places that you should definitely not miss, such as the ancient medieval medinas and the desert town of Merzouga

A vacation to Morocco is quite tempting for all people. Even though you have decided to go there, you should gather information regarding the Must-visit places in such a country. Blindly going to Morocco won’t give you many benefits. Thus, you need to know at least some recommended places to visit. It’s a country with everything that you can enjoy. There are many extras that you can get from this nation. Without spending much money, you are able to get a memorable vacation experience. Not to mention there are many places you can explore. Here are some recommendations for you.

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The Old Meknes

When it’s about a cultural vacation, you can choose Meknes. It’s situated in the north part of Morocco. This city was the previous capital of Morocco. For this reason, you are able to visit some historical places like Bab Mansour, Moulay Ismail Mausoleum, Dar Jamai, and many others. You can feel lots of excitement in this old city. There’s also a nice spot to visit called Ryad. It’s quite a unique place where you can feel the authentic nuance of Morocco’s culture. When you are inside this place, you are greeted with a warm smile and delicate mint tea. Overall, Meknes is the perfect city where you can get acquainted with the local cultures.


The Awesome City of Fez

When it comes to Must visit places in Morocco, you should not miss Fez. It’s one of the oldest cities in such a country with lots of attractions. It’s also recognized as the medina behemoth. International people also recognize this country as one of the most preserved cities in the Muslim world. Some people also might think to enjoy the nature of this city. You should do the same as the air is so fresh.

Needless to say, Fez is quite complex so you can get lost easily in this city. Fortunately, there are some locals that will guide you to get everywhere you want. Where should you stay when visiting Fez? There are many luxurious hotels like Palais Amani. This astonishing hotel resembles well-built architecture. It’s both simple and comforting.


The Remote City of Merzouga

Have you ever heard about Merzouga? This is a nice city with many attractive spots. Most people can’t forget the experience of visiting such a region. It’s the city where you can spend the night in the famous Sahara desert. You will see many breathtaking views like desert plants, dunes, and others. It’s very worth visiting this city. Even though you should make an arrangement beforehand to visit this place, you won’t get disappointed later.

4x4 Desert Tour, Merzouga

Stunning sand dunes of the Sahara desert in Merzouga, Morocco

The mountain town of Chefchaouen

The small mountain town of Chefchaouen has red-tiled roofs and white-blue walls. The city was founded in the fifteenth century. For centuries the city has preserved Andalusian architecture and crafts. There are two main squares: Place Outa el Hammam next to the Kasbah and the more formal Place Debnat Elmakhzen with a fountain. Dive into the souks of Chefchaouen and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of this emblematic city and visit the workshops of local artisans.

Must Visit Places in Morocco

The Classic City of Ouarzazate

Another Must visit place in Morocco is Ouarzazate. This is quite an attractive city that you shouldn’t overlook. There you can feel the classic nuances of the desert. This place often becomes the shooting scene of Hollywood movies. Many directors have been visiting this city for the last few years. Also, it’s the ground of an HBO famous series called Game of Thrones. Overall, you need to take some pictures of this city as there are many things that you can do there.

traveler in Ait ben Haddou Ourzazate

The Medieval Old Medina of Marrakech

Despite its great reputation, Marrakech is a spectacle of palm-lined boulevards, beautifying the new city; ocher walls of clay and stone adorn the old town; the mosques, bustling market square, and as a backdrop to the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas Mountains. Marrakech was founded during the Almoravid dynasty. This was followed by painstaking reconstruction under the Almohads in the 12th century, who took credit for the Koutoubia Mosque and its landmark. In the middle of the old medieval medina, you can visit many attractive tourist sites such as the 14th-century madrassa of the Ben Youssef, the famous Jemaa El Fna, and many more.

marrakech by night

One page is not enough to cover all the beautiful places, because there are many. Check out our short Morocco travel guide for more places to visit in Morocco.


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