Tour to Casablanca is a good idea. Some people even have made some plans to visit such city in Morocco. For beginners, getting a Casablanca Guide is important as you need to learn as much information as possible. First of all, why do you want to visit this city? There are many histories that you can learn here. It’s the real deal of vacation in Morocco. It seems less glamour than the other cities like Marrakech or Fez. However, that city is the real deal when you visit Morocco. The old medina is the most famous tourism destination when you come to Casablanca. Don’t ever miss it.

Interesting Buildings in Casablanca

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Aside from Casa’s old medina, you can visit the new town with lots of palm trees and arcades. The buildings are unique. Most of them apply the art deco design as the finest architectures. You can find those designs almost everywhere around the city including Grande Poste and Palais de Justice. Those buildings become the perfect places to take photographs. You won’t miss the chance to make your vacation memorable. It doesn’t matter with whom you visit Casablanca. The most important thing is that you know the location of nice buildings around the city.

Most Casablanca Guide gives you the information about how great the city is. It’s the biggest city in Morocco and it’s the commercial capital of such country. There are approximately 8 million inhabitants there. Many visitors are attracted by either cultures or the cosmopolitan environments around the city. There you can find lots of restaurants and cafes to relax. The nightlife is always interesting as you can get lots of exquisite dinners there. What about the culinary aspect of Casablanca? Well, you won’t get disappointed with the finest cooking of Moroccan in some cafes. The flavors are quite interesting to try.

The Beauty of Casablanca

Casablanca is a symbol of modernity in Morocco. Some people decide to visit it due to the attraction of the Hassan II Mosque. It’s the tallest (religious) structure in the world. The mosque is custom-built by the King. Every inch of the mosque is made with nice traditional craftsmanship. Aside from that magnificent mosque, people also visit Casablanca due to the awesome shopping complex called Anfa Place. This place is managed by Norman Foster. In fact, there are many beautiful beaches that you can visit. All of them offer jaw-dropping scenes so you can relax while enjoying the comforting zephyr around the beaches.

Due to many reasons above, more people have been visiting Casablanca. They even recklessly visit such city without any Casablanca Guide. What about the best time to visit this city? Well, it’s quite a busy place with many activities happening all years. You can visit it around July as there are the Throne Feast and the Festival de Casablanca. However, the temperature during that time is quite hot. When it’s about the cool temperature, you can visit it during November or May. The temperatures are cooler during those months. Don’t forget to gather information regarding the places to stay like hostels. There are many luxury hotels you can choose depending on your budget.

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