If you are wondering what are Best Surf Spots in Taghazout are, below you will find a quick answer and a list of Surfing Spots in Morocco you should check out.

Quick Answer: Here are some great surfing spots in Taghazout that you should not miss: Anchor Point, Banana Beach, Devils Rock, K17, Hash Point, Mystery Point, Crocodile, La Source, Panorama, and Anza. No matter your skill level, Taghazout has surf spots that suit everyone!


Taghazout has become an ideal destination for surfing. It also offers a chance to take a break from the busy city life in the harbor paradise. If you’re looking for freshness and inspiration, this former fishing village on the Atlantic coast is just what you’re looking for. Located in the southwest of the country and due to the quality of its waves, it has become a popular destination for sports enthusiasts. It is also visited for its cliffs and its chill vibes. Taghazout attracts tourists all year round. In the evenings, young people both Moroccans and foreigners come together to play beach football and you are most welcome to join in.


any surfers are fascinated by the coast of Morocco. The best surf spots are not that hard to find there,  in this post we will mention a few. Taghazout is one of the most beautiful coastal villages in Morocco and is known for its great beaches and surf spots. Still, there are more hidden spots in Taghazout that you will love, so let’s find out where the best surf spots can be found and how the Desert Morocco Adventure team can help you get the most out of your trip.

The Best Surf Spots in Taghazout

Taghazout, on the Atlantic Ocean, is a great surfing destination. With a wide coastline and countless beautiful surf spots for both beginners and experts, with easy and very strong waves, Taghazout is the most visited surf destination in Morocco by surfers from all over the world. Surfing is possible all year round, but the best time to surf is from September to March when the waves are longer. Here you can also take yoga classes after a good surf or just relax on the beach. Here are some beautiful places in Taghazout:

Killer Point : This is more for advanced surfers and has the heaviest and most powerful waves.

La Source : ideal for intermediate surfers. Slightly less strong than the powerful killer Point.

Banana Point: Mostly for beginners with easier waves. It is the best surf spot for beginners in Taghazout.  

Devil’s Rock: Devil’s Rock is a breaking point and is also a sandy and rocky area. The variety of waves makes it a perfect spot for intermediate surfers.


Enjoy Golf and Surfing at Taghazout Beach in Agadir

Taghazout is a charming coastal village in Morocco. It is known for its countless surf spots and also as a paradise for hippies.

Surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet, a taste of heaven. – John McCarthy

Killer Point

The first surfing spot that you will want to check out is called Killer Point. Don’t let its name scare you: it comes from a pod of killer orcas that frequent the area. That being said, it is an expert area surfing area, so it’s not for people that are just getting on a surfboard for the first time. It is known as being the best point break in the entire Taghazout area and also for the flat rocks that make up the bottom of the ocean here.


  • Soil: Flat Rocks
  • Swelling direction: N, W, E
  • Swell height: 3 – 18 ft
  • Wind direction: northeast
  • Best Tides: Low to Mid Tide

La Source

La Source is for all levels of surfers and many people go there at medium and high tide so they can handle quite a swell coming into the area. It’s a light beach break and a perfect stopover if you want to improve your skills. The swell can reach 10 feet, so it won’t set any records here, but it’s more fun than the other more challenging areas. It can get very big waves, but December, January, and February are the best surfing opportunities and the mornings are not so crowded.


  • Soil: reef-rocky/sand
  • Swelling direction: W, NW, N
  • Swelling height: 3 – 10 ft
  • Wind direction: northeast, east
  • Best tides: medium and high tide

Banana Point

If you are looking for a suitable place for a fun holiday full of adventure and relaxation, or just somewhere to improve your surfing skills, this place might be for you. It offers great activities such as camel or horseback riding on the beach, yoga classes, and much more. As the name suggests, it is a laid-back place. Banana Point is a beginner’s area in Taghazout. It has a point break on the right side, but the swell will only go up to 8 feet. This is known as one of the safest areas for beginners, and the bottom is sandy. Even if you wash out on your board, you won’t hit any rocks. It is located about 10 kilometers north of the city of Agadir. It is not only nationally known but is also known abroad for its surf spot. Many hippies, surfers, and artists from all over the world come to stay here for several months. Most rent an apartment or just stay in a hostel. You can rent an apartment out of season for just 25.00 Euros a night, on the quieter beach, overlooking the waves. Agadir is not cosmopolitan like Marrakech, so in the low season, it is not crowded at all.


  • Soil: Sand
  • Swelling direction: NW
  • Swelling height: 1 – 8 ft
  • Wind direction: east
  • Best tides: low

Devil’s Rock

Devil’s Rock is also one of the most well-known places for intermediate surfers and beginners in the area. This sandy-bottomed beach getaway gets busy in the summer. During our visit to this place, the waves were quite weak so we didn’t see the extraordinary surfers who were in the ocean in large numbers. But the beauty of the beaches is immense. It offers plenty of facilities on the beach.


  • Soil: Sand
  • Swelling direction: NW, N, W
  • Swelling Height: 1 – 6 ft
  • Wind direction: east
  • Best tides: medium to high

Things to do in Taghazout

If you just leave Marrakech and come here, you will immediately notice that there are actually very few tourists, except surfers and hippies, perhaps because the travelers do not have many days to spend in the country or because it is not in the right location for a mixed tour of Morocco. A pity of course, because in this fishing village you will find many nice accommodations with terraces and sea views and a lot of interesting things. Moreover, Taghazout has a cool vibe, as you can expect from any surf village.

What to do in Taghazout

What to do in Taghazout

As you already know it is a paradise for surfers. Taghazout and the surrounding area are world-famous surf spots. The main activity of Taghazout is surfing, so if you like water sports, this is the place for you. It has been a surfer’s paradise since the 1970s, and the variety of waves makes it an ideal surf spot for all levels. Top-level surfing instructions are easy to find.

If you are a nature lover then this might be of interest to you. There are many stables that organize a horse riding day. You ride with your horse in alternately picturesque landscapes. The highlight of such a day out is that you also get the chance to get to know the local Berbers and experience their way of life. In addition, you will discover the beautiful coastline and serene rural landscapes.

Camel riding in Taghazout is another delightful way to spend a few hours on the beach, camel rides along the 6km of pristine beaches and with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains. Especially during sunset around the Ranch and the beach, it is unbelievable. Take a camel ride and admire the breathtaking views through the golden dunes of Taghazout.

In Taghazout, you can also drive a quad bike through the Berber villages and along the Atlantic Ocean and explore the beautiful rocky landscape. But for a better experience, it is recommended to do this in Agadir instead of here. Most organizers start their trip with a pick-up from your hotel and you will be given a safety briefing and practice session as driving in the sand is different and can be somewhat dangerous. It depends on your experience.

There are many camps and coaches offering yoga classes in Taghazout. It can be a good idea to combine a surf holiday with yoga, which is ideal as it builds strength, flexibility, and balance, and also benefits both body and mind.

A trip to Paradise Valley is one of the most popular trips in the region. Paradise Valley is known for its picturesque waterfalls and vibrant natural pools. Easily accessible by car. If you prefer to make this trip with the help of our team, the trip can be booked daily.

Our team has selected a number of experienced coaches of all levels. Even if you think you are advanced, you can still learn something from them. Below you will find our selected reliable and venerable surf instructors.


Caban Surf is located between Agadir and Taghazout, an ideal place for adventurers. The hostel has very comfortable communal lounges and a beautiful view of the beach on the roof. The bedrooms have separate showers and all the necessary equipment. Caban hostel is located exactly in Tamraght Ouzadar about 19 minutes walk from the well-known Taghazout beach. The property also offers surf lessons for a level and yoga classes. It might be best to book by phone at this number +212627897389, as booking charges a high fee last for accommodations.


Natural Surf Maroc is a surf school in Tamraght that offers surf lessons and yoga classes. Even if you are an experienced surfer, you can improve your surfing techniques under the guidance of their instructor. They offer surf lessons for beginners and advanced.


Oceana Surf Camp is located in the charming village of Taghazout. It was founded by local surfers who are committed to providing their guests with the surf holiday experience for all levels.

Desert Morocco Adventure can help you to find other attractions

After a day of surfing, there are many more things to do in this amazing village. For example, you can explore Paradise valley with our team or even take an excursion to the desert. The village itself is not that big, but it is a hub for those looking for adventure. You can also go hiking or cycling with a group to make your holiday in Taghazout even more interesting.

Taghazout is a famous surf spot and is getting more and more popular every day. With so many areas around the village that can be used for surfing for beginners, intermediates, and experts, you can count on challenging yourself here. However, this village is more than just a place for surfing, it has many great attractions and fun activities such as hiking, shopping, even golfing, and many more things that you can easily find. Visit this town and see how unique this part of Morocco is!

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