Some people are so enamored with the northern coasts of Morocco that they completed forget that the western coast is the Atlantic Ocean. Taghazout, Morocco is one of the villages on the Atlantic coast of the country, and it is famous for its amazing beaches and surfing spots. Yet, there is even more tucked away in Taghazout that you will learn to love, so let’s take a look at some of the best surf spots and how DM Adventure can help you make the most from the trip.

Killer Point in Taghazout, Morocco

The first surfing spot that you will want to check out is called Killer Point. Don’t let the name worry you: it comes from a pod of killer whales that frequent the area. That being said, it is an expert area surfing area, so it’s not for people that are just getting on a surfboard for the first time. It is known as being the best point break in the entire Taghazout area and also for the flat rocks that make up the bottom of the ocean here.

La Source, Taghazout, Morocco

La Source is a place that people go to in the mid and high tide so they can catch some of the decent swells that come into the area. There is a peaky beach break that can go right or left here, so it’s an intermediate area that you should check out if you have the skills. The swells can hit up to 10 feet, so you’re not going to set records here, but it’s more forgiving than some of the other harder areas.

Banana Point – Taghazout Surfing Spot

As the name suggests, Banana Point is a beginner area in Taghazout. It features a righthand pointbreak, but the swell will only get up to 8 feet, tops. This is known for being one of the safest areas, and the bottom is sand. Even if you wash out on your board, you’re not going to slam into rocks.

Desert Morocco Can Help You Find Other Attractions

Once you’re done surfing for the day, there are many other things to do in this amazing village. For example, you can explore the town with guides from Desert Morocco Adventure to find the best food, meet interesting people, and even set up excursions such as hiking. The town isn’t that big, but it’s a hub for people seeking adventure in their lives. You can find yourself connected with a  group for climbing, biking, and a lot more just by being with the right tour group in Taghazout.


Taghazout is a famous surf spot and it’s becoming more popular every day. With so many areas around the village that can be used for beginner, intermediate, and expert surfing, you can count on challenging yourself here. However, this city is more than a place to surf, and it has several great attractions like the shops, hiking, and even golf, things that you can find through Desert Morocco Adventure. Stop by this city and see just how unique parts of Morocco can be!