It is a mere fact that traveling is one of the most favorite ways of people to relax and take a break from the world. Well, are you currently looking for the best destination for your trip and vacation? Then, it is best suggested for you to visit the Azawad Luxury Camp in Merzouga, if it happens to happen you chose Morocco as your next destination.

By simply choosing it as your vacation destination, you can attain a high degree of happiness and satisfaction that you truly desire and deserve.

Following are some of the amazing features that you can find in the Azawad Luxury Camp:

– Amazing culture and traditions. When you stay in the Azwad’s place in Merzouga, you can be amazed with their culture. In addition to this, you can also admire the hospitality and good manners of their staff. With them, you can share some traditions and unlock the magic of the Sahara desert. They further offer as well a traditional Mechoui, tattoos design with pure henna and folklore with Gnawa music on request.

–  Great accommodation. If you are looking for the best customer service, then you are in the right place. They have the best personnel who are very friendly and approachable. The best thing about them is that they can offer you the highest possible quality of  service. With them, you will never be disappointed since they can work with you in a very positive attitude as well as professional manner. With your every need, they can give you the best alternative solution to attain or even exceed your high standards and great expectations. When you think of the Sahara Desert, the first thing which likely comes to your mind is an empty place in the middle of nowhere, in this case it’s not so, Azwad’s place has all necessary equipment to make you feel comfortable. Even their tents include private bathroom with hot water and electricity.

– Desert Travel Experience. To complete your journey in Merzouga, you will have a short camel trek to the desert camp location, at the bottom of the sand dunes. Attending the sunset on the highest sand dunes is really spectacular and romantic. At this fabulous place you will enjoy your special night under thousand of stars or in your private elegant tent with your loved one. You can also have a enjoyable evening by the campfire with traditional Moroccan music and drums, played by Berber nomads. Their staff will make your stay as an outstanding lifetime experience which you will never forget.


On the other hand, boredom will never come in your way if you will choose Azawad Luxury Camp in Merzouga as your accommodation during your vacation in Merzouga. Thus, with its paradise like environment, you can have a wide array of options on the things that you can do. You can have a luxurious travel experience in just a very wallet friendly as well as affordable cost. You do not need to spend more just to experience the best of the desert. In this place, you can be thankful with the high savings that you can receive while having fun and enjoyment.

Moreover, you can also feel like you are in your home thus you can stay in this most luxurious and elegant desert camp in Merzouga. With just a very affordable price, you can already have a stay that will surely put a smile on your face.

As a matter of fact, you can also see and appreciate the beauty of the desert with their beautiful scenic spots. To mention a few, you can enjoy sandboarding in the dunes and participate in different activities. Definitely, staying in Azawad’s place can be one of the best ways to spend quality time in the desert with the people you love.

Contact Details Of Azawad Luxury Desert Camp, Merzouga:

Azawad Luxury Desert Camp

Ksar Tannamoste, Merzouga 52202, Morocco
Phone: +212 668 104 566 / 670-912559

P.S. It’s recommended to take with you enough money from a cash ATM at Rissani when you’re travelling to Merzouga. If you wish to have a glass of wine with your dinner, it’s better to take a bottle with you to the desert camp. You can purchase it in Merzouga. The desert camp can be difficult to find so please contact them if you need GPS coordinates or to arrange a meeting place in Merzouga center to pick you up. 

Have a nice trip in Merzouga!

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