If you are getting stuck with your daily activities and you need some refreshment, then why don’t you take a day trip on your weekend?

If you live in the Southern part of Spain (such as Tarifa) and you want to have a new nuance in your short holiday then you can take a day trip to Tangier. In order to reach Tangier (northern part of Morocco) from Tarifa, the best transportation you can choose is the ferry. In Tarifa, daily ferries with the destination to Tangier are always available and it takes around 30 minutes to reach Tangier which is only 9 miles away. Those ferries are always ready every 2 hours. So, no need to worry about transportation and also the time when you can start from Tarifa.

After reaching Tangiers, do you wondering what you can do in this city just in one day?

There are several good places you can visit in Tangier. The first is the Medina. Then what you can do in Medina? You can take a walk in Medina. If this is your first time coming to this old-walled city, you probably will get lost in this old-walled city since there are many small alleyways in this city. Therefore if you do not want to get lost, you may need a travel guide unless if you enjoy the art of getting lost on a trip.  In Tangier, you may also visit Petit Socco. Petit Socco is such a center of Tangiers. There are many cafes and traditional shops here. You can buy some ethnic stuff here.

Another recommended place you can visit in Tangier is Casbah. After walking through the exotic of old-walled city Madina, visiting Casbah can be such a good option. Casbah was the place where The Sultan lived. Therefore, this place has a lot of historical value. There are several historic spots in Casbah you can find such as The Casbah Museum where you can trace certain history about Morocco. Or, you can visit a Palace namely Dar El-Makhzem which was built in the 17th century where you can find Moroccon’s fine art. Uniquely, Casbah not only has a lot of historical value but also a good view. Tangier’s Casbah stands firmly on the hill with a good panorama. You can get 2 benefits here, the knowledge of culture and history and also the beauty of nature.

After taking a walk in Medina, visiting historical Tangier’s landmarks such as Casbah then it is good to know another side of Tangier. In another part of Tangier, there is a busy part of the modern part of Tangier; Place de France. There is a modern cafe where you can simply take a seat and enjoy your evening with a cup of coffee. Having a lovely evening and enjoying your cup of coffee with your friends or beloved ones in this café can be such a good closing for your day before getting back to Tarifa. Therefore, you are also ready to face your next days.


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