If you expect a holiday destination where you can get pleasure in every nook when visiting any city, Morocco can be a festive place to visit. Asking why? Here are some reasons why you mustn’t skip Morocco for your holiday trip. First, it has exotic cities to enjoy like the historic Rabat, market-filled Fez for those who love shopping and exciting Marrakesh as the heart of Morocco. Second, its signature food and drink you can’t find elsewhere such as its traditional mint tea, stewed tangines, smoked zaalouk, and many more. Third, it has some beautiful beaches where you can experience fascinating sun bathing and surfing. Fourth, it has historical view like Berber Villages, ancient ruins and many more.

Guess what? A short of time is not enough to wholly discover and understand Morocco, therefore, once you go there you want to come back again. The surprising thing is, in one time you back again and savors the cities, you get exactly different experience compared to the first time you visit Morocco. Nevertheless, if this is a very first time for you traveling this country, here are some attractions you may not skip. Marrakesh is a festive city to visit actually, since there is a lot of things you can do.

Therefore, if this is it your very first time, visiting this city is recommended. So, how this city entertain you? You may love to visit Ben Youssef Madersa. This one is known as the amplest Koranic school. You may find elegant tile mosaics and huge courtyard over here. In addition to it, this Koranic school is being rebuilt back then in the ninth century. The truth, Ben Youssef Madersa is not the only Koranic school in Morocco, you can also find something similar in Fez, it is known as Imam Fassi’s Madrassa.

Another attraction to visit in Marrakesh is Koutoubia Minaret. This minaret is built during Almohad dynasty. It rises from the ground about 300ft. long. What’s make this minaret so special is because its stunning design with the combination of green tile and carved stone. However this one is not for anyone, since, you need to enter Koutoubia first, (for your information, Koutoubia is the largest mosque you may find in Western Muslim region) and you can guess, this one is restricted for non-Muslim visitors.  But, don’t discourage yourself, there is another great place to go in Marrakesh.

Souks and Djemaa El Fna are others places you may go while you visit Marrakesh. Herein, they offer you with silver, handmade rug, leather, pottery and many more. you know, to show their hospitality for any visitor who visit their stores, usually while choosing certain item like leather, rug, and so on, the owner will serve you with mint tea. Looking for a nice place to fulfill your appetite for traditional food, you can’t ignore Djemaa El Fna for many traditional foods its offer like vegetable couscous, pigeon pastilla and some more. Oh, if you expect something like more adventurous sensation, labyrinth of Medina is very popular.

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