Should you look for an unusual African tour that will keep you away for the vast deserts and wild animals, then Morocco and its various tourist sites have to be a perfect destination for you. This city will welcome you with its historical remnants and cultural heritage. Morocco is a perfect destination that you can visit as a solo traveler or bring your whole family with you. Whatever type of vacation that you like to experience, Morocco will provide it for you.

Morocco is not merely about the great city of Casablanca or Rabat as its capital city. There are still many other interesting sites in the country that offer you a great holiday experience. If you like to have a greatly relaxing vacation in Morocco, then Oualidia should be the right place to visit. Nicely situated by the Atlantic ocean, visiting Oualidia would simply lead you to a true heaven of tranquility and peace Oualidia is a small and lovely coastal village in Morocco that is home to a number of astonishing beaches. Not only that this little coastal village is well known for its spa, every visitor of Oualidia shall be indulged with its crystalline water, stillness, fine sand and the beautiful atmosphere.

The name Oualidia was derived from the former ruler of this town. The Saadi dynasty is believed to be the past rulers of Oualidia and the last Sultan of this dynasty known as Sultan El Qualid inspired the name of the village.

Exploring the Most Interesting Sites in Oualidia

Most visitors love to head to the beaches in Oualidia and reaching the location of those exotic beaches is very easy since the main road in the town will simply take you there. However, you should never start you day tour with an empty stomach. Not only that it might be harmful to your health, an empty stomach might just ruin the entire vacation. Therefore, make sure that you stop by at some restaurant and have a nice breakfast. It should not be very hard since a line of various restaurants can be found along the main road. More interestingly, you can have the opportunity to taste an authentic Moroccan cuisine by trying the local oysters. There are bred in local beds and can be found in the main markets all over the country. If you are a huge fan of seafood, make sure that you make the most of this chance to taste the spider crabs or sea urchins. Plenty of local fishermen offer you this seafood along the beach.

Once you arrive at the beach location with a full stomach, you are most welcome to do your most favorite beach activities and have a great time with them. The beaches in Oualidia are the perfect spots for those who love surfing or windsurfing activities. You can also get yourself much closer to the nature since the location of the beaches has turned out to be a perfect site for bird watching activities. There are plenty of exotic birds in this area. You do not have to be so lucky to witness an array of fascinating birds in their wild habitats like sparrowhawks, seagulls, pink flamingos, ducks, avocets, dunlins, egrets and some other wading birds.

Once you have enough surfing and bird watching, you can continue your day and head to outside Oualidia to explore the great landscape. You can either explore the rocky cliffs and sandy cloves by taking a boat expedition or even on foot. After all the tiring and exciting leisure activities in Oualidia, it is about time for you to have a comfortable rest and head back to your hotel.

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