English is not widely spoken in Morocco. But it is noteworthy that over the years more and more younger generations have shown an interest in the language. There are also young people who support the idea of switching from French to English, a move they see as beneficial for the country and for the young people themselves. In the hospitality and tourism sector, you have a large number of employees who speak and write English very well.

Anyone traveling to Morocco has to make a choice: see the country the way the locals do or only see certain things thoroughly. This is of course true of all travel, but especially of Morocco, where the architecture is so rich and the folklore and crafts are so fascinating that the traveler has to limit himself. To explore real Morocco, we recommend that you have a little knowledge of the Darija language, this way you will enjoy more of magical hidden Morocco.

What Languages Are Spoken In Morocco?

The official languages ​​of Morocco are Arabic and Tamazight. Classical Arabic is taught in schools from the age of seven and is used in almost all written and formal means of communication. In some schools, they also teach Tamazight. The most widely spoken languages ​​are Darija and Berber (Tarifit and Tashelhiyt). In addition to French as a second language, French has always occupied an important place in public life, often the language of business and government, as well as in the media. It is not surprising that some words in Darija are derived from French, as it was previously occupied by France. Much Moroccan radio and television programs are also in French, while Spanish is often heard as a second language in the north of the country. English is also in the mix as it is mainly spoken by tourist workers and the younger generation. The Germanic languages ​​are also spoken by local guides and the hospitality sector.

So the answer to the question of what languages are spoken in Morocco are:

  • Arabic (Darija)
  • Tamazight (Berber)
  • French
  • Spanish (in the north)

What Languages Are Spoken In Morocco?

Some Darija Phrases

Some names and some phrases are from magic words. They have magical power. Whoever pronounces it sees in his mind a magical folkloric play of light and bright colors, and a beautiful round dance of charming fairy tales. Darija is one such name. When you speak it, the gray of the day suddenly turns into light and color.

Here are some basic Darija phrases to help you get around Morocco. Of course, there are local dialects in different parts of Morocco, but Darija is mostly spoken throughout the country.


English Darija
Hi Selam
How are you? kidayr (man)/ kidayra (feminine)?
It’s not a problem Mashi mushkil
It’s very beautiful Zwin bezzaf
Where is the station? Fin ahya almahata
Thanks Shokran
What is your name? shnoo smeetek?
are you doing okay? waash bikheer?
Can I have a coffee, please? Wahd Lqhwa aafak
I’m looking for… Tanqlab aala…
Goodbye Beslama
Where is the bathroom? Fin kayna twalit?
What did you say? Ash no guilt?
Excuse me Smah liya
I don’t understand Ma fhmtch
Good Meziane
Sorry Smah liya
Now Daba
You are welcome La shukran ala wajib
slowly Bechwiya

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