Morocco always becomes the biggest attraction in  north of Africa. The mixture of cultures from Middle Eastern, European, to African culture blends well and creates wonderful civilization. If you are asking what the most interesting place to visit in Morocco is; the answer is definitely Marrakech. Enjoying the sunset in Medina, getting lost in the Souks labyrinth, or bouncing in Ibiza style disco are few of plenty things you can do in Marrakech. Not to mention the night market that full with local cuisine with delicious aromas to taste. There are plenty of new and interesting things to experience while in Marrakech. Three days will be enough to explore the beauty of Marrakech.

Things to remember when visiting Morocco:
When visiting other countries it is important to keep in mind to follow the local etiquette to fully experience the local tradition.
Religion – the dominant religion in Morocco is Islam. They have five times pray a day and may pray in the public mosque. During the Holy month of Ramadan, it will be hard to find food seller especially in the day due to fasting. You should not eat, drinking, or smoking in outdoor place during that month.

Clothing – different from other Moslem countries, Morocco actually has no strict regulation and practical rules for clothing. However, it is better to wear not too appealing or showing too much skin for both women and men.

Language – the most widely spoken languages in Morocco is Arabic and Berber. The second language is French and in certain cities such as Chefchaouen and Tangier speaks Spanish.

Day 1 – arriving in Marrakech
The main gate to enter Morocco is through Casablanca. There are three options of transportation from Casablanca; plane, bus, and train. The plane rates for about 89 USD with five flights a day while the bus rates for 8.85 USD for approximately three hours and train rates 9 USD for three hours journey. The typical accommodation in Morocco is the riads with unique decoration and architecture which gives the Moroccan experience, such as riad Sidi Ayoub. However, there are plenty other types of accommodation in Morocco ranging from luxury hotels to affordable one such as hostels. After checking in, you can rest for a while or you can explore the neighborhood for something tasty.

Day 2 – explore Marrakech
You can start the second-day adventure to explore Ecomusee Berbere and Jardin Majorelle. The sites are a showcase for artifacts and arts from the Berber Culture. The wonderful sanctuary is located in the center of Medina. You can walk from the hotel for about 25 minutes of taking a cab to get into this amazing place. The next destination is the ruins of El Badi Palace. Even though it is only the ruins; the glimpse of the glory, luxury, and power of the former sultan is still visible to see. You can also visit the royal palace of Marrakech which is located close to the El Badi Palace. Unfortunately, it is not open for public and it is prohibited to take a photo. Take a little break for lunch with the delicacy of Moroccan cuisine.

Before continue to the last destination, you can stop for a while in Saadian Tombs; the breathtaking site has become the popular attraction in the country. End the tour at Bahia Palace which once is a palace to a Harem. Before going back to the hotel, you can have dinner here.

Day 3 – Culture tour
Start early to visit the Koutoubia Mosque, the largest mosque in the city. The mosque building is limited to Moslem visitors only, but the garden is fabulously a great place to visit. You can head to the next destination to Ben Youssef Madrasa which has plenty of Islamic arts and mosaic that has been cherished for hundreds of years.

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