Beyond the Ait Saoun Mountains is situated Agdz. Agdz is a town in the valley of the Draa, located about 92 km north of the province Zagora and 73 km from Ouarzazate. The city lies at the foot of Djebel Kissane and on the banks of the river Draa. A long oasis stretches between Agdz and Zagora. Villages have been built around the old kasbahs and green palm groves are spread along the road.
The village Tamnougalt is located about 6 km on the left side of the road from Zagora. Tamnougal once controlled the access to the trade routes of the Draa. Today, Tamnougalt is one of the best things to visit in the neighborhood.

Things to do in Agdz

The village of Agdz offers a variety of activities such as a visit to the waterfalls, located on the road to Ouarzazate, or a visit to the souk. Another thing to do in Agdz is motorcycling. In Aslim you can rent motorbikes from Eden Adventure.

Where to eat and sleep in Agdz

If you really are looking for a calm hotel in Agdz, I suggest two accommodations where you will enjoy your stay. It will be a bit more expensive than the very cheap ones in the area, but they are away from the noise of the busy center. The first one is Rose du Sable, located in Aslim. It’s a very beautiful house where you are very welcome to enjoy your stay. The second one is the Kasbah Azul guesthouse.

Agdz is equipped with a couple of very nice restaurants where you can enjoy typical Moroccan food. One of the best known and in the center of town is the restaurant “Sables d’Or“. In this restaurant, you can enjoy Moroccan salads and roasted chicken.


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