A huge fight breaks out on the beach of Blankenberge

The hot weather and the corona restrictions in cities are causing problems in Belgium’s coast

The hot weather and corona restrictions in cities and on beaches cause several fights also on the Belgian beaches. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many families are not allowed to travel far away or to travel to the red zones, which also applies to Belgian citizens. Normally, most Belgians travel to France and Spain. Belgium […]

Moroccan love tour

Morocco: A Love Story

I feel like I’ve always been attracted to the idea of visiting Morocco. There’s something enticing about its exotic people, food, history, and culture. When the opportunity to go presented itself, with excitement I jumped in feet first.. and with just a few weeks to plan. Before embarking on my adventure it was tempting to […]

Taghazout Surfing Spots Morocco

Taghazout Surfing Spots, Morocco

Some people are so enamored with the northern coasts of Morocco that they completed forget that the western coast is the Atlantic Ocean. Taghazout, Morocco is one of the villages on the Atlantic coast of the country, and it is famous for its amazing beaches and surfing spots. Yet, there is even more tucked away […]