What do you know about Casablanca? Due to its uniqueness, more people decide to Travel to Casablanca. It’s one of the most popular cities in Morocco. There are many things you can do when visiting this city. For those who don’t have knowledge and information regarding this city, perhaps this article will be a good reference. First of all, visitors can take a view of Casablanca. Relaxing at the Café de France will make sure that your vacation is memorable. Feel the atmosphere around the city and find new places to relax. Drinking aromatic mint beverage also becomes a good reason to visit this majestic city.

Visiting Casablanca for Different Purposes

Aside from the pulse of this city, you can enjoy some amazing architecture. Take a hike by walking south along the path. There you will meet the Place Mohammed V. It’s a famous architecture situated in the new town of Casablanca. In the City Hall, you can see many buildings with lots of uniqueness. There’s also a famous art deco building called Rue Mohammed el Quori. You should take a picture with your family in those buildings. Make sure that your travel is memorable. If necessary, bring your whole family there.

Some people decide to Travel to Casablanca due to its culture. What about the culinary? While traveling to this city, you can take lunch on the run. Plus, there are some intricate places providing shisha pipes to smoke. Well, that will be an amazing experience for sure. When it is about culture, you should visit some majestic mosques in this city. For example, the Hassan II Mosque is available for your visit. There you can find lots of worshippers daily. The best time to visit this mosque is during the mid-day. The best reference is at Rick’s Café. There you can relax while drinking excellent wines.

Many Places to Visit in Casablanca

When it comes to dining, you can choose to spend your time with the locals. Where should you do this activity? Usually, people might visit Boulevard des Almohades. There they will have an open-air BBQ in a nice garden. What can you eat? You can enjoy either green pepper salad or seafood. Don’t forget to try the best-stuffed squid in such a place. On Sunday morning, you can join local churches. There are some remarkable cathedrals that you can visit. When you are inside, you will feel the Neo-Gothic nuance from the construction. Those cathedrals are popular not only for the place of worship but also for exhibitions.

Travel to Casablanca is always interesting to visit. Even a simple walking in the park will be memorable in this city. There are many shady palms with some beautiful flowers around the city. Plus, you can see some astonishing villas somewhere around the town. Some tourists love to enjoy brunch. Do you think the same? There are some outdoor cafes that you should visit. As for shopping, just go to labyrinthine Habous to get some amazing products like rugs, leatherwork, brassware, and many others. In the terms of transportation, you should take advantage of public transfers. Don’t worry as the drivers are friendly.

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