The charm of Morocco is in its vibrating bazaars, mouth-watering delicacies, and diverse landscapes. Experience the beauty and magic on luxury tours Morocco along with your private driver and guide. Immerse yourself on a camel ride in the Moroccan Sahara Desert and witness the sun over the sand dunes.

You are aware that Morocco, along with its wide stretches of desert wilderness, chiseled coastline, and high peaks is among the most diverse nations on the African continent. Further, the winding valleys and the ancient Medina souks and cities, the wide variety of culture and language from city to city makes this country a must-see tour on your next visit to the North Africa.

Explore Morocco with Luxury Tours Morocco

Morocco is surrounded by the Sahara Desert and serves as the border between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. For hundreds of years, its unique location has established its culture and history, and it maintains much of its original culture and history.

Morocco is a nation to savor. Along with Luxury Tour in Morocco, you will see the rich history and unique artistry of the country on a private custom tour, which brings you from Casablanca with its combination of contemporary, art deco and conventional architecture to Rabat.

The Luxury Tours of Desert Morocco Adventure enables you to witness and discover the Moroccan heritage in private guided tours starting from Fes to Marrakech. There, you will experience Koutoubia Mosque and El-Bahia Palace and visit the beautiful minaret of the mosque that dominates the horizon of Marrakech.

Traveling to Morocco with Desert Morocco Adventure, expect that you’ll explore the unique mix of art and design along with different cultures like North African, Andalusian, Berber and Arab flavors that make Morocco tours unique in ambiance and detail.

The customized tour packages to Morocco consist of a private guide, all accommodations, private driver, private vehicle, entrance fees and so much more! You can choose in any of the Morocco vacation packages or you can customize your own and make it from scratch at no extra cost for the best experience in your Morocco vacation packages. All of Luxury Tours Morocco are privately guided and could be tailored to your own schedule, style, and budget.

4x4 Luxury Tours in Morocco

Desert Morrocco Adventure now becomes one of the top tour operator and offers luxury tours and touring solutions in Morocco

Best time to take Luxury Tours Morocco

The perfect time to visit Morocco and take Luxury Tours Morocco is during the autumn seasons when the country becomes a huge traveling destination. In this time, accommodation prices increase, making it slightly tough for those budget travelers to find their way around. Nevertheless, everybody was in high spirits after Ramadan that makes up for the high costs with joyful celebrations and festivities.

The beaches are awesome at this time, the water feels just lovely while the desert benefits from the gentle breezes, typical to the autumn season. Plus, this is the ideal time to discover the winding streets of the Fes Medina and explore its hidden and magnificent treasures. The city celebrates its founder in a big religious festival during September and the Berber Marriage festival is one of those sights you must witness.

How to book Luxury Tours Morocco

To book a luxury tour with Desert Morocco Adventure is easy and it’s a simple process. All you have to do is sending us an email with the number of days you would like to spend in the tour, dates, point of departure, number of people and what interest you to see or to do. One of our team will quickly give you an answer and he or she will provide you with the itinerary of your tour, accommodation, activities and will answer all questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Contact Information:

Desert Morocco Adventure
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Below a list of what mostly is included in our private luxury tours:

  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • Dinner in the Sahara Desert
  • Desert camp
  • Camel trek
  • Toyota Prado TX with AC
  • Driver
  • Fuel
  • Guide during the tour
  • City guide in the imperial cities
  • Sandboarding in the Sahara
  • Quad biking in Ouarzazate
  • Equipment

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Join countless satisfied travelers who have experienced Morocco with us. We customize every detail to make your Moroccan adventure uniquely yours. Explore the Magic of Morocco with us!