Are you one of those people who like to go on trip for your holidays? If you are, then you might like to choose Morocco as the right place to spend your holiday. Whether you want to have one week, two week, one month or longer than that, you are going to enjoy staying In Morocco. There are lots of place that you might be interested while you spend your holiday. Let say you want to spend two weeks there in Morocco then you might want to check on this first before you can contact the trips and tour agency like Desert Morocco Adventure.

It is the most visited place in Morocco. You can stay in hotel or you can also enjoy Riad (the kind of guesthouse in Morocco). While enjoying the place you might want to visit the central Jemaa el-Fnaa square. There are lots of things that you may be interested there, terra-cotta walls, massive night market, or you can also mint tea special from Moroccan. After enjoy the mint tea you might as well continue the monuments such as Bahia palace and Bab Agnaou gate.
It is suggested that you spend at least two days in order to explore those beautiful places.

There are some other places in Morocco that you might like to visit but Desert should be the first that you might like to experience. There, you will enjoy riding camel, burying yourself under the sand which is good for the joint pain. You can enjoy the bird-watching. If you like camping then of course you must enjoy spending the night in the open sky together with the other travelers you will build the tent and spend night there. People usually spend three days there in desert. It must be the kind of experience that you might never forget.

After spending your nights in desert of course you need relaxation time, here is the suitable place to have it. In FES, you can have the relaxation in the bathhouses that are scatter around the city of FES. You might as well enjoy the golf or some other kind of grand central valley, the morocco’s vast. People like to enjoy their time here in this city because it looks like an interesting labyrinth and people enjoy getting lost themselves in this city.

After relaxation, of course, you want some other kinds of things that you want to bring back home just like taking pictures of some interesting view. Well, you might like to enjoy this city which is well-known as the blue-washing villages. That is because blue happen to be the dominant color in almost every building. Some people find it very calm when they stay there.

Before going back home, people mostly would end their trip in this city which is known as Casablanca. This is South of Rabat, also known as the national economy capital. Here you will enjoy lots of building with art deco. You might as well enjoy taking pictures or some Moroccan’s food before you decide to go back to Marrakech and prepare to fly back home.

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