In Morocco people eat first, with their senses- sight and smell. The preparation of a dish or a glass of tea is at the same time music and perfume. First, there is a clear ranking in the succession of dishes. Although Moroccan cuisine has been raised worldwide, one tastes best directly in the warm, dry atmosphere of the beautiful summer evening.

One of the greatest pleasures in travelling is not only seeing breathtaking sights or absorbing the beautiful cultures! But also the amazing food a country has to offer! Tasting food from different parts of the world really gets your taste buds tickling and tingles you new palates even for the most sophisticated palates and food critiques.

Moroccan recipes

Couscous with saffron and cinnamon. Couscous is a traditional Berber dish, today there are tons of varieties of couscous dishes.

Food is not only a necessity but also a passion in some cases. When travelling abroad there’s a whole range of worries around food.

 #1: Firstly, one has to cater for their dietary needs, whether it be that you’re a vegetarian, vegan, Halal, Kosher, dairy etc. It’s crucial that one’s needs are met without having to compromise what’s important to you.

 #2: Secondly, the worry I always have is whether the food is safe. Like me, many other travellers also have this concern. I know that in my travels if I’ve eaten something that doesn’t sit well with my body, then my body will definitely feel it the next day. Furthermore, I may even need medical attention! So, it’s crucial that food hygiene standards are high!

 #3: Authentic food; when travelling I don’t want to eat the same exact food I eat in the UK – It just doesn’t make sense! Then I would have stayed in the UK! I travel because I want to taste the culture of a country. Being from an ethnic background my food consists of a whole world of Asian spices. As a foody and someone that comes from a big family, our life pretty much consists of food. And if food isn’t great, well put it this way, nor will our mood be that great! We also strongly believe that the stomachs affect the moods lol! Keep the belly happy and you’ll be smiling!

Delicacies in Morocco - Moroccan Food Traditions

Moroccan Food Traditions – Tagine is a typical Moroccan dish and everyone has their own taste, but for me, the classic flavours are vegetables and lamb. This traditional dish is cooked in a conical earthenware pot and smells of incredible fragrances.

My short story about my last trip to Morocco and what I did with food

Firstly, if you’re a vegan, Don’t worry, there’s a huge range of vegetable dishes. Morocco specializes in scrumptious salads that can be literally eaten on its own!

Tagines dishes consist of nothing but vegetables and couscous, however, we specifically asked for a tailored one that had chicken in it.

For those that want halal and kosher meat, I have been told that the meat in Morocco literally is 100% halal so no worries there!

As for those who have allergies and require dairy-free foods; from my own analogy, Moroccans don’t even have teas or coffees like us westerners with milk in it. Their teas are literally boiled water with the tea bag/ coffee.

With regards to the safety of foods, avoid going to open markets or street foods however tempting it may be. Only go if your guide or whoever’s with you is fine with it. I would also suggest don’t eat from anything that’s opened, so fruits, vegetables, etc. Make sure the skin remains on. Always ensure that your foods are covered, and no flies have been in contact. And lastly, make sure that your food is PIPING HOT!!! This is something that has saved me a million times!

Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan Cuisine is the best cuisine in the world, Moroccan cuisine is rich in subtle spices and intriguing taste.

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The Moroccan Cuisine

The history of Moroccan cuisine as we know it today goes back to Pliny the Elder, some 2000 years ago. This kitchen is characterized by four important influences: a Berber, an Arabic, a Turkish and an Andalusian influence. The Berber and Arab influence have resulted in the various tagines based on the saffron sauce and with red peppers, the Turkish influence for Mechouis (roast meat) and the Andalusian influence for tagines stewed on the charcoal fire. All other characteristics, such as the care with which the ingredients are selected, the extent to which spices and special herbs are used, the increasing number of refined recipes and the search for new flavours, belong to the inventiveness of our modern world and contribute to the predilection of dishes that should not only look good but should also be tasty. A description of Moroccan cuisine can not characterize more than the general characteristics, because the different ways, habits and views are so different and not only bound but also urban and sometimes even family-related.

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