Geographically distinctive in each region lead to different view to enjoy once you visit Morocco. It is not the only thing, its foods and beverages are stunning too. Hence, once in your lifetime, spare your time to enjoy this country will worth it. Taking your time in this country, it is not always necessary for you to spend so much money. If you are typical backpacker or in budget traveler, it’s better to choose Morocco because it will welcome you with hospitality as well. Around its cities, it is very easy for you to get affordable hostels.

Then, if you love to shop but expect lower price, shopping souks is a haven to go as you may get discounted prices of the items you want to buy. Expecting something more? In case you want to relax your body from your day traveling around the city, Hamman Spa is there for you. Guess what? It also not requires you with high price. Not to say, but it is quite friendly, isn’t it? Although Morocco is an inviting country to visit, but since there are many things you can find there even places which are never mentioned before, traveling in Morocco can be a bit tricky.

Therefore, here are some destinations you better put in mind when you plan your time to travel within the country. However, let start the journey to the imperial cities. For your information, those cities are called so; it is because all of them used to be the capital city of Morocco. Relating to it, they are Meknes, Marrakesh, and Fez. Meknes, if you compare this city with the other two this one is smaller, but inside the city, you will find sculpture and vast gate that ornate the city. Is there another one? It has intricate Moroccan architectures that please your eyes.

Marrakesh is the most popular city in Morocco. It provides you with open-spaced market, narrow walled market (souks), traditional cuisines, and many more. Whilst, when it comes to Fez, you may sense plenty of historic buildings which are built hundred years ago. Finish sightseeing the imperial cities, here are some places that are favored by many in-budget traveler in Morocco. As it speaks before, Chefchaouen is a striking place to visit. This one is located in the center of Rif Mountain. Spending your time herein, there are many things you can do such as swimming through the running water, hiking or simply lean back and enjoy the venue while sipping mint tea.

Essaouira is another place to go as well. Drench you with seaside atmosphere, this place will make you addicted. Apart from its windy environment that’s great for windsurfing, another inviting aspect of this city is its hippie mood on its seaside area. Another suggestion for you, even there is myriad affordable hostels to stay and to provide you food, but considering Riads can be a good idea. This typical guesthouse is not only a good friend for your wallet, but if you expect to experience the real Moroccan culture then, you can learn about it through Riads.

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