In every tour, we want to have souvenirs. Boutique tours will be a great experience for those people who love to collect souvenirs. You can explore the best hand craft items in the Boutique Tours. There is something beyond just the destination. Souvenirs are not just material things as they can also be knowledge you can bring with you after.

For those visitors who want a stylish and theme oriented tour, this Boutique Tour is the perfect one. Your journey can be a unique one from beginning to end.

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What we are offering

We have with us a driver who speaks multilingual. They can speak French, Arabic and English fluently. They came from the region of Marrakech or from the Great South of Morocco. They have deep knowledge on the culture and history of Morocco. This knowledge they have will be shared to you and it will open your eyes to things about the place that you may not found in any travelling book about Morocco. You can ask queries regarding the culture in Morocco. You can also exchange ideas with them. As an outsider, there are plenty of aspects in the Moroccan Culture that you cannot access on your own. With our drivers, you can ask anything that you want to know about the culture, life and history here in Morocco.

We also have historical guides that are expert and licensed to do the job. They originated from the city that you will visit during this tour. As your local guides, they will make you feel enriched when you are sight-seeing in the place. With their help, you will discover the secrets of the architectures of the Moroccans. You will also be visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Gardens, Monuments and Mosques and discover secrets within them.

Our private and guided tours include sight-seeing in the old cities of Morocco, Camel trekking in the Desert of Sahara, Markets and Souks exploration, High Atlas’ hiking and a lunch with the family of Berber.  You could also enjoy the view in the Dades Valley and you can also visit the waterfalls found in Morocco.

We as experts in Morocco Traveling do not want something typical. We want to offer something new and something special and this is in the form of Morocco Boutique Tour. In this tour, we want out travellers to have a tour that is beyond just visiting places. We want them to feel as if they are part of the country. And we can do it through this tour.

We have trusted guide and drivers that will lead you to your travel. They are not just there to accompany you but they are also there to educate you about things you need to know about the place you are visiting.

You are ensured that you will be traveling safely plus it would be a unique experience. You will be learning things about the place you visit. They will also guide you to go to the places where you can buy great souvenirs that will remind you of the place. Make your tour special and unique through this offering.

Join us on a Moroccan adventure!

Join countless satisfied travelers who have experienced Morocco with us. We customize every detail to make your Moroccan adventure uniquely yours. Explore the Magic of Morocco with us!