Everyone dreams to visit a country where they can enjoy diversity. From relaxation down to adventure, everyone wants to experience these in just one country. If there is one country where almost all individuals would like to visit, it is Morocco.

Morocco is a Muslim country located in the North Africa that borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Since the country is embraced by the Muslim religion, you just cannot travel impulsively but you should travel to Morocco when you are already knowledgeable of everything. From the way you dress down to how you should roam around the country.

Would you like to enjoy your trip to Morocco without disruptions? Do you want to explore the country freely? Then, there are travel tips that you should remember before you head out to Morocco.

Travel Tips for your Moroccan Visit:

Dress Code

If you are used to wearing revealing clothes, then you should remove it from your suitcase if you are traveling to Morocco. Men can wear clothes that they want but for women, they are required to dress conservatively. You should wear appropriately if you don’t want to gain attention. Wear appropriately so that you will not be groped in the public.

If you are visiting a mosque in Morocco, don’t let your ankle and wrist be seen. It is a sign of respect for the Muslim religion. Never forget to bring a scarf or shawl. It can be helpful.


If you wish to use your ATM at Morocco, you may experience some glitches which can be an inconvenience on your part. There are some accommodations that offer money exchange which you can take advantage. However, there are instances wherein money exchanges are not available. So, ATMs are the last resort. But some ATMS in Morocco may not work properly. The ATMs can be out of cash and whenever you are using the ATM, it may display error but it already has taken money from your ATM.

Prepare local currency

Even though credit cards are accepted, it is always best to bring with you the local currency of Morocco. There are establishments that accept credit cards but if you are buying from small size vendors and paying for the cab, then the local currency comes handy.

Know how to Bargain

If you want to buy souvenirs in the markets of Morocco and would like to save some money, then knowing how to bargain is a big help. Paying the exact price is a good thing but if you want to save money, then bargain. But if you want to haggle, guarantee that you will be buying and will not leave if you don’t get the price that you want because the sellers will pester you nonstop.

Never make negotiations with Strangers that Provides Directions or Free Tours

There are instances where you need to ask for directions to local strangers when in Morocco but it is better to avoid yourself from strangers. If you don’t want to get lost and don’t want to spend much money, it is always best to keep yourself away from strangers. You might end up getting broke if you rely on strangers.

Respect Fridays and Holidays

If you want to fully maximize your trip to Morocco, never book your travel during the holidays. If you do, you may see the streets of the country empty since the locals are celebrating their holidays. Also, if you have your itinerary, it is best to make your Friday a rest day because Fridays are the holy day of the Moroccan since it is the time where they visit the mosques and give time for their Muslim religion. Shops are closed during holidays and Fridays.

Drink Bottled Water

If you want to stay safe when drinking water, bottled waters are more advisable. Even when you brush your teeth, you should use bottled water because you may not know the contaminants found in the water. It is better to be safe than sorry. Drinking bottled waters will help you be free from any health risk.


Morocco is a country where you can hear different languages. The country is using the languages such as English, Arabic, Berber, and French. You can use the English language when visiting the cities but if you are going to rural areas, you might need a translator. It is always best to know some basic words in the languages that Morocco used in order for you to communicate with the locals successfully.


Mosques are made for the Muslims and in Morocco, this place is given much respect. If you are someone whose religion is non-Muslim, you might not be able to enter mosques since most of it is off limits to non-Muslim people. Even you can’t enter the mosque, you can still take photos from the outside.

Have your own toilet paper

If you want to maintain your hygiene, never forget to bring your own toilet paper. In Morocco, not all comfort rooms have toilet papers especially the public ones. Remember, there are restrooms that you might need to pay some small amount of money. Pay before you use the toilet.

Accept what Moroccans Offer

If you are traveling to Morocco and a local offered you a mint tea, don’t refuse it because it can be a sign of disrespect. Enjoy the mint tea because is the sign of hospitality in Morocco. The mint tea drinking can take for half an hour.

Traveling to Morocco is the best decision that you can do. However, don’t travel the way you are used to because, in Morocco, you have a lot of things to consider when traveling. From the dress down to acceptance of teas for hospitality, you need to remember it.

Morocco is a country that has a lot of things to offer. If you want to make your visit perfect and smooth, the best way is to have to keep in mind the travel tips because it is your key to a fun-filled exploration that you will never forget

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