Provide any visitor with variation in culture, it is very tempting to visit Morocco. Nevertheless, if you set a holiday trip with your family, friend, or even by your own, but you still have no idea where to go, Morocco is worth considering. Has some layers of culture as the result of colonialization, you can expect much from this adorable country since, there are many activities you can do from hiking, sightseeing, or simply enjoy the nature. Anyway, if you concern about the safety and security of this country, you don’t need to worry since this one is politically stable and safe.

Planning your time in Morocco, before you book the hotel and go to the airport, you need to know as well when the right time to feel the hospitality of Morocco is. Speak for it, July and August which are known as the hottest month can be the right time for them who expect to spend their time on the coast area, or else, if you want to enjoy the mountain. But the best time if you want to hike must be between April and October. Not to mention, but if you are planning about doing kind of affordable traveling by renting a cheap hostel, be sure to avoid winter.

The reason is, commonly in a cheap hostel it is very common to have no access of heater inside the room. Hence, if you insist to go in winter time, check the facility of the hostel first as winter night is super cold. Aside from weather consideration, it is pivotal also to think about Islamic religious calendar since almost of its population is moslem. Ramadan as a month for daytime fasting must put into account. Put it simply, if you want to experience morocco whether through hiking, daytime public transportation or some, you may deal with hassle.

Still, if you prefer a night time entertainment, then Ramadan can be the right time for yous since, you will experience something one-of-a-kind. Then, where to go? The truth there is a myriad places you can spend while visiting Morocco, hence, if you yearn to taste Morocco top and bottom, a whole week will never enough. To simplify you to choose what place to go, understanding Morocco geographically will be helpful. Concerning to it, Morocco is divided by four distinctive time zones, they are; coast to experience Atlantis and Mediterranean, Atlas mountains and The Rif, The Great Cities, and the last one is dessert and oases.

Certainly, each place has its own signature to please you. Picking the midland as your destination, big cities are there for you. Marrakesh or so-called Morocco city is one from some big cities to visit. Jemaa el Fna is the heart of this city. It is actually an open space area where varied buyers and sellers meet. Still about Marrakesh, this one is divided in two, the one with ancient feel which is called as walled Medina where you can find labyrinthine souks, mansions, ancient palaces, and traditional lifestyle, while the other one is called as the Ville Nouvelle. This place is perfect for those who prefer more modern atmosphere like pavement cafe, boulevards, gardens, and so on.