Morocco has become a very popular site for many tourists from many different countries. Visiting this African nation should be carefully planned especially when you have a pretty limited schedule. It is quite obvious that a single day or a single visit will not be sufficient for you to explore this cultural and historical country. Considering that this country has so many things to offer to visitors and features a number of big cities, you surely have to visit this country with plenty of time and a flexible schedule in your bucket. If you happen to come to Morocco with only 8 days to spend, you can make your days more enjoyable and more memorable by visiting the cities with fascinating tourist sites.

You must have been very familiar with the biggest city in Morocco, Casablanca, however, you need to understand that there are other great cities in Morocco that are worth your visit. Once you arrive in this African nation, you can start your Moroccan tour from Rabat, which is the capital of the country. This Moroccan city is now home to a large number of interesting sites for tourists. You should at least spend two days having a glance at those tourist sites. The Royal residence of Dar Al Makhzen, the Bouregreg Marina, the Rabat Archaeological Museum, the Kasbah of the Udayas, and Pietri Square have to be among the most commonly visited sites in the city of Rabat. If you like to experience more traditional and different Rabat tours, you are most welcome to spend some time in the Riad district. If you still have plenty of time, you can make a stop at the city zoo, the Mausoleum of Mohammad V, or at the Chellah.

Perhaps, a couple of days will not be enough to explore every corner of Rabat. However, since you only come to this country with only 8 days to spend, you might as well head to another destination. After spending plenty of time in the capital city of this country, you can continue your journey to the heart of Morocco known as Fez or Fes. This would be a perfect site for tourists that offer complete attractions. Fes El Bali has to be the old medina of this city where a number of historical sites reside. In the old side of Fes, you can have a great time visiting the Kairaouine University and Mosque, the Chouara Tanneries, the Medersa Bou Inania, and the Jewish sites. If you like to discover the modern side of the city, you can simply head to the Ville Nouvelle or known as the New Fez. The modern side of Fes features French touches in many spots that make it look like a provincial town in French. While you are discovering the modern side of the city of Fes, be sure to explore the boulevards. You can find plenty of places for perfect dining with your most loved one. In addition to the fine dining, you shall be provided with local entertainment as well.

Another Moroccan city that is worth your visit in your 8-day tour in Morocco is the city of Meknes. The numerous interesting sites in this city are completed by the friendly welcome from the local people. The Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, the Bou Inania Medersa, Jamai Palace, and Dar Al Makhzen have to be among the most visited places in Meknes. If you like to find a more entertaining site, you are most welcome to visit El Hadim Square. In this location, every tourist has the same opportunity to enjoy performances from storytellers, snake charmers, or even horse riding. You can also head to the souks should you look for unique souvenirs.

Useful phrases and words to use when you travel to Morocco

Hello =  Salaam (Arabic Darija) – Azuul (Tachlhit -Tamazight)

How are you? =  Labas Alik? (Arabic Darija) – Is Tehna? (Tachlhit -Tamazight)

Everything is good = Kulshi Mezyan (Arabic Darija)

And you? =  To a man: Winta? (Arabic Darija) – Ema Kian? (Tachlhit)   To a woman Wintiya? (Arabic Darija) – Ema kamin?  (Tachlhit)

River  = Oued (Arabic Darija) – Asif  (Tachlhit)

No, thanks = La, shukrun (Arabic Darija) – Wahi, tanmirt (Tachlhit)

I’m looking for… = Tan’kalab alaa (Arabic Darija)

No problem = Mashi Mushkil (Arabic Darija)

What are you doing now? = Shnou tadir daba? (Arabic Darija) –   Maytskart dre  (Tachlhit)

Where = Fin (Arabic Darija) –  Manza  (Tachlhit)

Route =  Tariq (Arabic Darija) – Aabrid (Tachlhit)

How much is this?    Shhal hadi? (Arabic Darija) – Mushtatskar? (Tachlhit)

What is your name? = Shnou smitek ? (Arabic Darija) –  Maysmanak (Tachlhit)

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