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Trips to Tamsahelte

Explore our Trips to Tamsahelte! Nestled between Nkob and Tazzarine in the Zagora province, Tamsahelte is a small Berber village along the route to the desert. This oasis of calm is surrounded by mountains and offers breathtaking views of the Saghro mountain tops, adding to its serene ambiance.

Tamsahelte provides a glimpse into traditional Berber life, offering opportunities to interact with the local community and witness their daily customs. The village is known for its typical Berber architecture and tranquil setting, making it an ideal stop for those seeking an immersive cultural experience amidst natural beauty.

Join us on our trips to Tamsahelte and delve into the rich heritage of the Berber people. Whether you’re exploring desert landscapes, visiting ancient kasbahs, or simply enjoying the peaceful surroundings and mountain vistas, Tamsahelte promises an unforgettable journey through Morocco’s rural charm.

Trips to Tamsahelte