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Trips to Achbarou

Explore trips to Achbarou, a historic village in Morocco with a fascinating migration story spanning centuries. The community originally settled in Aït Hda near Tineghir, moved to Ighram Akdim on a nearby hill, then to Ighram Oujdid across the Assif River, and finally established the village of Achbarou.

Located on the route to Rissani, just outside Alnif, Achbarou is part of the rural commune of Alnif in the Tinghir province. This quaint village offers a peaceful escape with its picturesque landscapes and traditional Berber life. Wander through historic sites, soak in the local culture, and experience the warm hospitality of the Berber community.

On this tour page, you’ll find road trips that pass through Achbarou, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore its rich history and beautiful surroundings.

Trips to Achbarou