Mountain climbing goats and sheep are common who climb up in search of food, but in morocco, you are able to witness something that is not common. In all the leading tourist attractions in Morocco, there are tree-climbing goats that are skilled to climb up the trees to have food. It seems unrealistic and people don’t usually know the fact that there are goats that can actually climb the tree but the goats are very skilled at that.

Tree climbing skills

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This is something that is unthinkable when we see the common goats around, normally the goats don’t just climb the trees like they’re not supposed to but on the other hand, need is something that gives you all the skills. Man has learned so many things for survival in extreme conditions and the same nature is adopted by the animals as well. They do have the tendency to learn new things according to the environment for their survival. This is not like Darwin’s theory that describes evolution but it is about the survival of different species. The Tree Climbing goats of Morocco, are an example of such survival, they learn to climb up the trees in search of food and to get the feed of the day.

Goats climbing trees

The most unexpected thing you will encounter when you visit Morocco is that in addition to fruit and flowers, you can also find goats on the trees. These goats climb the argan tree and eat absently. These trees are thorny, but the goats have learned to handle themselves in such a way that they have been involved in this activity for centuries.

The goats are just like common goats in their structure and have nothing new in their body grown that supports them to be that stable. It’s all about their balance of the body and their own strength that keeps the stick on the trees. It is a kind of normal activity for the goats in Morocco.

To experience the amazing landscapes and ultimate architecture along with the incredible views of the tree-climbing goats make sure to have your tour book to Essaouira. Commonly in the month of June and onwards, you can witness the ultimate goats on the tree and get an entirely new experience of your life. So ensure that you are picking up the right days and timings for the tour and plan everything before going there.

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