Marrakech is the ideal place to start a Moroccan adventure. Surrounded by snowy peaks of Atlas Mountains, with rose ramparts and thousands of old palmerie, Marrakech is fascinating.

Explore the colorful souk of Marrakech where each trade has its own area for example the metal quarter where proud artisans craft objects as their forefathers did centuries before them; the dyers quarter where colorful skeins of wool hang drying in the sunlight that streams into the narrow walkways; the carpet quarter where home-crafted Moroccan rugs hang like exquisite paintings; the jewelry quarter where glass-fronted windows glitter with 18ct gold.

Discover the sounds and sights of Marrakech’s Djema El Fna, one of the greatest squares in Africa and a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the afternoon, you will see scribes, storytellers, water-sellers, snake charmers and tooth-pullers. At night the square transforms to a festival atmosphere when a myriad of food stalls are wheeled in from the alleyways; their benches and tables illuminated by lamplight and wreathed in the smoke of 100 Berber Barbeques.

Marrakech is such a beautiful place to stay when you are in Morocco, because it’s near the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. However, another reason why people come to Marrakech is to check out their market. As a matter of fact, this area has one of the busiest market squares in all of Africa.

While you are there, you are going to notice that Marrakech is comprised of 2 different cities. The old fortified city, as well as a newer modern city that sits just adjacent to the old one. Both of these areas are great to visit. However, most people tend to stay in the newer city, because of the upgraded hotels. Keep in mind that while you are there, you will want to go check out the old city as well. Here you are going to learn things about Marrakech that you never knew in the newer city, you will find the Menara International Airport.

Camel trekking in Morocco is, for many, the highlight of their Desert tours from Marrakech. Take a camel ride into the Erg Chebbi desert dunes to watch the sunset across this incredible sandscape or camel trek further, to a desert oasis, and spend the night in a nomad desert bivouac set amongst the palm trees. The desert oases are a popular destination and, after dinner, camel guides create a festive atmosphere by drumming and singing traditional Berber songs.

Ourika River in Atlas Mountains is an awesome site to see, and a must do for all first timers. Another very popular place would be the Draa River close to Sahara desert. This is a well-known place, and people tend to like to go there.

Marrakech is a great place in Morocco and a must see. It is the perfect spot to rent a hotel since you can get to other attractions very easily from Marrakech. With more fun and food that you can possibly see, you are going to want to come back to do it all again. Marrakech is a city that is fun for people of all ages.