Due to astounding beauty and history, Marrakech (also known as Marrakesh) has been long grabbing the heart and attention of travelers from all over the world. Up to date, Marrakech is considered as one of the most famed and visited cities in Morocco. Undoubtedly, Marrakech tourism constantly flourish. Originally, the place was referred or better say, recognized as a sort of marketplace wherein Berber villagers and tribesmen trade their goods. At the very moment you step in this beautiful city, you will likely have a gut feeling as if you have forgotten something like your socks or toothbrush, maybe. However, in reality, this feeling is often enticed by the place predictability and so on and so forth.

Marrakech can be somehow best describe as a beautiful city that gives you an opportunity to experience and witness an exotic North-African charm unique in Morocco. Within the busy city core, you will find overwhelming crowd of local visitors. Smooth shop and snake charmers also tout to compete for everyone’s attention in the middle of noisy yet colorful activities and view that put Morocco’s vivacious soul in a nutshell. Nevertheless, the real reason behind the constantly growing Marrakech tourism is their breathtaking sceneries and attractions.

Spectacular attractions you should never miss when you visit Marrakech

Djemaa El Fna. Can be seen as a huge open space situated at the city center, Djemaa El Fna is considered as the most popular Marrakech landmark. This is a lively hub of ornaments stalls, fortunetellers, storytellers, musicians, as well as snake charmers. Moroccan life is simply summed up here. After the entertainment, you can consequently relax on some superb cafes and try some freshly cooked salads or grilled meats that are surely mouthwatering.

Medina Souks. Marrakech labyrinth, considered as the city’s star attraction. With narrow alleyways that look like a magnificent kaleidoscope of sounds, scents, and colors, this Old City can be the highlighted of anyone’s Marrakech trip. Aside from that, you should also never miss varying incredible stores including Chouari Souk, Cherratine Souk, El-Attarine Souk, and Babouche Souk.

Koutoubia Mosque. With an astounding seventy-meter tall minaret, Koutoubia Mosque is one of incredible places that Marrakech Tourism takes pride of. The mosque is standing tall since 1162 and shows the excellence of the Almohad architecture. Nevertheless, Non-Muslims aren’t allowed to their prayer hall.

Saadian Tombs. This place will tell you the story of Saadian Dynasty. Built in 16th century, Saadian Tombs is where the sixty-six Marrakech rulers of Saadian Dynasty rest in peace. The place sets a rambling atmosphere with mausoleums situated in the middle of overgrown garden.

Majorelle Gardens. These tropical gardens filled with ferns, palms, and a cactus is one of the places that thrives Marrakech tourism. It took Jaques Majorelle, a French artists, 40 years to successfully make this truly enchanting place comes into reality. Walk through the exotic flowers and green foliage artistically placed around the mosaic-lined ponds that brim with water lilies and lotus flowers.

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