If you’re looking for an adventure Agafay desert that combines breathtaking landscapes and a taste of the Moroccan wilderness, an Agafay quad bike tour is an absolute must! Here we will talk about quad biking in the Agafay Desert, the things you will see, and the prices of the quad bike tours.

Agafay Quad Bike Tour

The Agafay Quad Bike Tour offers an exhilarating experience through the heart of this mesmerizing desert. It’s a chance to traverse the sandy trails, experiencing the vastness and beauty of this unique terrain.

Located just 30 minutes from the vibrant city of Marrakech, the Agafay Desert is an enchanting expanse of hills and rugged terrain with incredibly scenic views of the High Atlas Mountains. And what better way to enjoy it all than on a powerful quad bike, riding a camel, or watching the sunset on a hilltop?

The quad bike adventures begin with clients being picked up from their accommodation in Marrakesh and heading to the Agafai Desert where they will receive quick instructions before starting the guided tour. Customers are presented with the choice between morning and evening tours, along with enticing options for a full-day excursion.

All-Inclusive Adventure for Every Rider

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie seeking an exciting escapade, the Agafay quad biking experience caters to all levels of riders. Expert guides ensure your safety while unleashing the thrill of navigating through the desert’s twists and turns.

Thrilling Terrain and Breathtaking Scenery

A quad bike trip across the Agafay desert offers a unique perspective of Agafay’s stunning landscapes. The feeling of freedom as you speed through the open terrain is unmatched. Witness ever-changing scenery, From vast expanses of hills to rugged rock formations that create a stunning backdrop.

Tranquility Amidst Adventure

The blend of adventure and tranquility during the tour is remarkable. Pause amidst the high-octane excitement of the quad bike ride to absorb the serene beauty of the desert surroundings. The quietude of the desert is a soothing contrast to the adrenaline rush.

Agafay Desert Quad Biking Price

The pricing for quad biking in the Agafay Desert is influenced by the duration of the tour and the number of bikes required. Costs can fluctuate based on the length of the excursion, additional services offered, gear rentals, and any unique features included. It’s worth noting that the price for renting one bike for two people isn’t the same as renting individual bikes. Opting for one bike for two individuals often provides the best value.

The prices of our Quad Biking Adventure tour in the Agafay Desert, are:

Participants: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Price per person: 134€ 94€ 84€ 74€ 69€ 64€

Included in Our the Agafay Quad Bike Tour

We’ve got you covered from start to finish with pick-up and drop-off services right from your place in Marrakech. Safety is key, so we’ll gear you up with helmets, goggles, and hoods for a secure ride.

Feel the thrill on your own quad bike as each adult gets their own for an adventure tailored just for you. And while you’re out exploring, we’ll keep you refreshed with mineral water, mint tea, and tasty crepes.

The cheapest option for the Agafay Quad Bike tour

This option covers the quad rental and safety gear, along with a guided tour. However, please note that it does not include pick-up or drop-off services to your accommodation. Guests are required to arrange their transportation to the Agafay Desert independently.

  • Single Quad / 1 hour: 30 euros
  • Double Quad / 1 hour: 50 euros
  • Single Quad / 2 hours: 60 euros
  • Double Quad / 2 hours: 90 euros

Additionally, for your convenience, you can book a transfer from Marrakech with us for 70 euros. This covers transportation via a van accommodating up to 7 people.

Agafay Desert Pictures

Every photo of the Agafay Desert whispers its own story. These snapshots are not just photos; They are moments frozen in time and that carry with them the peace and excitement of discovery.


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