Vegetarian Moroccan Food in Morocco

Tips for Finding Vegetarian Moroccan Food in Morocco

If you’re a vegetarian, when you travel you can’t help but think about what you’ll be able to eat when you go to a new place. When heading to Morocco though, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find vegetarian Moroccan food is quite plentiful. Moroccans love meat too, but knowing what the cuisine is like before […]

Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan Cuisine – Desert Morocco Adventure

Moroccan cuisine is famous for being the one of world’s best cuisines. The seasonal ingredients mixed with cultural influences such as Jewish, Arab, Berber, and French result in the best traditional cuisine. The best Moroccan food is home served; therefore, find a family to eat with or at least in a family-run restaurant. When you […]

The spices of Morocco Moroccan Spices

The spices of Morocco – Moroccan Spices

Moroccan spices and their different flavors need hundreds of sentences to describe one by one. In this post, I picked a few that caught my eye during my trip to Morocco. Coming from an Asian background, initially when I hear the word spice I immediately think of heat or chilies. I think this is pretty […]