When is Oktoberfest in Munich in 2024? Oktoberfest, in Munich kicks off on Saturday, September 21st. Wraps up on October 6th. It’s an event that attracts millions of visitors worldwide annually. From the scents of cuisine, to the cheerful melodies played by brass bands echoing through beautifully decorated tents Oktoberfest offers a unique experience. In this guide, we will cover all you need to know about Oktoberfest 2024 including dates and highlights recommended attire.

When to Attend Oktoberfest In Munich 2024

Oktoberfest 2024 will start on Saturday, September 21st, and run until Sunday, October 6th. Whether you prefer to experience the excitement of the opening ceremony or savor the intimate ambiance of the closing ceremony, there’s something for everyone. Consider attending on weekdays for a more relaxed atmosphere or on weekends for the full Oktoberfest frenzy.

We visit Oktoberfest on a quieter day a Tuesday afternoon to enjoy the local vibes. However it’s important to keep in mind the security measures, at the entrance such as restrictions on bag sizes which might require some adjustments. We don’t drink much beer and could only have one in our last tent visit, the Hofbrau. One Mas was around 15-16 Euros. Entry to Oktoberfest was free, with easy public transport access. All the tents were very welcoming and allowed visitors to wonder around to take pictures. These include music performances, tasty food stalls and exciting amusement rides. We had the Fish on the Stick in Fischer Vroni tent, cost was by weight, 45 Euro. I normally like fish skin but not this one as it was very salty. There were many rides which we didn’t visit. It was definitely worth a visit. – As Albert noted in his TripAdvisor review

Oktoberfest In Munich

What to Expect on Oktoberfest In Munich 2024

Prepare to be immersed in Bavarian culture from the moment you step onto the festival grounds. Indulge in hearty dishes like schnitzel and pretzels, wash it down with a stein of Munich beer, and dance the night away to live music.

Oktoberfest, in Munich, goes beyond beer. It’s a cultural event that brings the streets to life with Bavarian traditions. At every turn, you’ll spot men in lederhosen and women in dirndls contributing to the vibe. Apart from the beer tents, the festival grounds provide a funfair ambiance with games, rides, and spooky houses. These entertainment options suitable for all ages might draw your attention away, from the highlight of the festival. Enjoying a brew.

What to Wear During Oktoberfest In Munich 2024

For the ultimate Oktoberfest experience, don’t forget to dress the part! Ladies embrace the elegance of the dirndl—a knee-length dress paired with an apron and comfortable shoes. Gents sport the iconic lederhosen—a button-up shirt, knee-high socks, and sturdy shoes. And remember, accessories like Alpine hats and feathers add a touch of flair to your ensemble.

Tips and Tricks

  •  Arrive early to secure a table in the festival tents, especially on weekends.
  •  Pace yourself with the beer—those steins can be deceivingly large!
  •  Don’t miss out on the delicious food offerings, from traditional German fare to international cuisine.
  •  Explore the various rides and attractions on the festival grounds for a break from the beer tents.
  •  Be prepared for strict security measures at the entrance, including bag size restrictions.

Oktoberfest In Munich Dates

  • Oktoberfest In Munich 2024: Saturday, Sept 21st – Sunday, Oct 6th
  • Oktoberfest In Munich 2025: Saturday, Sept 20th – Sunday, Oct 5th
  • Oktoberfest In Munich 2026: Saturday, Sept 19th – Sunday, Oct 4th
  • Oktoberfest In Munich 2027: Saturday, Sept 18th – Sunday, Oct 3rd
  • Oktoberfest In Munich 2028: Saturday, Sept 16th – Tuesday, Oct 3rd
  • Oktoberfest In Munich 2029: Saturday, Sept 22nd – Sunday, Oct 7th
  • Oktoberfest In Munich 2030: Saturday, Sept 21st – Sunday, Oct 6th


When Is Oktoberfest In Munich 2024

Conclusion: When Is Oktoberfest In Munich 2024

Oktoberfest in Munich is more than just a festival—it’s an unforgettable celebration of Bavarian culture and tradition. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, a foodie, or simply looking for fun, Oktoberfest has something for everyone. So gather your friends, dust off your dirndl or lederhosen, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime at Oktoberfest 2024! Prost!

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