In the edge of Sahara Desert lies a smaller village nestled between the sand dunes. With a unique taste of ancient Berber life, this remote yet lovely village is starting to attract numerous travelers to experience and enjoy the life in the dessert. Merzouga is proven to be an ideal travel destination. This is known for the wonderful camel rides and its captivating desert beauty.

Exciting Things to Do in Merzouga

The biggest thin that will convince you to visit Merzouga is the unrivalled desert experience that this place offers. Since this is situated in the edge of Sahara, this seems to be the perfect village where you can stay and enjoy the majestic beauty of nature.

The most popular thing to do in Merzouga is dropping by Erg Chebbi. The ridges rise drastically out of the sand, about 150 meters. The Grand Dune de Merzouga is nearest to the town and one of the most fantastic scenes. It is the most elevated dune and is very much perceived by the tamarisk tree landmark on its base. For some, these dunes are the most quintessential desert experience. But in order to take a glimpse of the wind-blown and pristine sand without a hint of impressions, you may need to book a camel tour and then ride even further than the usual crowds.

The best time to visit Erg Chebbi is during sunset or sunrise. The brilliant dunes and the dancing shades of the sun along the sand are genuinely magical. Riding along the camel’s back, these dunes can surely make you feel like you have been transported that you’ve been transported into a movie or back so as to numerous years prior. It is absolutely a dreamlike experience that is prevalent among travelers and explorers to Merzouga.
Another mainstream activity is going to the Dayet Srji salt lake, only west of the town. In spring, the salt lake sees numerous types of winged creatures running here and there such as flamingos, desert lark, Egyptian nightjar, hawks, and the desert sparrows. Some can be witnessed all year round, and there are dependably reptiles, hedgehogs, snakes and even leave foxes that can also be spotted.


Numerous explorers like to camp in the desert settlements around Merzouga. An exciting camel tour can be organized where explorers ride in the day before spending their night in one of these settlements while listening to their favorite music, a crackling fire, and the hints of the desert while appreciating traditional good food.


Within Merzouga village, one can appreciate serene town life and the traditional comfort. As the greater part of action mainly takes place outside the Merzouga, the town is a pleasant spot to unwind and inundate yourself in the ancient Moroccan society. Take in the music and art at the privately claimed Galerie Laoun, where you can break from the outside with tea and lively discussion.

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